Monday, June 20, 2011

Soaring Gas Prices Lead To Desperation

(I have had so much going on lately, that I haven't had time to complete a new blog post, however, I've managed to find plenty of time to complain think about how much it costs just to live in today's times. I've especially complained thought about the price of gas.

Last night as I was complaining thinking, I remembered an old post that I did about that very subject. Ironically enough, it is still very true today.

Even though the price of gas is not a funny subject at all, I hope this post will still make you smile.)

I don't know about your family, but the price of gasoline is putting a real strain on my family.

We live about twenty minutes "from town" so to speak, so just driving to the store uses up quite a bit of gas.

We thought about making our own moonshine fuel, but that is an awful lot of trouble. (Not to mention illegal dangerous.)

So instead of risking the law being on our tails being blown to bits, we thought of some different methods of gasoline conservation.

For example, I try to run my errands all at the same time so that I do not have to make unnecessary trips in to town.

We split the driving with other parents when our boys go to various activities at church or to spend the night with friends.

I've even started ordering some things we need over the Internet, because it is cheaper to pay the shipping and handling costs than it is to pay for the gas to drive to the nearest stores.

Shannon bought a car that gets right at thirty-two miles to the gallon to help keep our gas costs down, but we still spend a fortune in gasoline every month.

It's starting to look like Shannon and I are going to have to get our boys to help us get around.

Pretty soon we might have to park the cars and dust off the bicycles and the roller blades.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

(Of course, I am only kidding. Shannon and I would definitely never make our children pull us into town this way. We don't even have any roller blades yet.)