Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Google Search Words & Phrases

Even though I took an over 2 year hiatus from writing on this blog, every day people are still led here from various entries of Google search words & phrases. Several years ago, I did a couple of posts about the different Google search words and phrases that people had typed in only to be led to my blog. (You can click here & here to see those posts.)

The letters in bold are the exact words that the people entered in a Google search. You can click on each of the phrases below to see the exact post of mine that their search words led to. I'm willing to bet that the majority of people that were led here did not find the information that they were looking for. Most of the time. ;)

"why are frogs in my toilet?"

(That really IS a great question for the plumber in my life; isn't it?)

"frog in the toilet"

"how to stop frogs from coming into toilet"

(These are really great questions, and ones I wanted answers to myself at one time in my life.)

"the woman with the issue of blood devotional"

(I'm sensing a theme here, and trying not to take it personally.)

"elephant ear wash"

(Don't even ask. My life is a series of one embarrassing situation after another.)

"jennifer anistons feet" (Not once, but 6 times?)

"aniston feet" (7 times. 7!?)

"jennifer aniston feet" (Are you ready for this? This was entered 78 times!! 78!)

(This is the only picture of feet on my blog. I shared with the ten of you that used to read this blog my personal battle of not being able to paint my toenails without getting the polish all over my toes. I had no idea that 78 strangers would also be staring at my feet.)

What's weird too, is I don't even like feet that are attached to grown ups. At all. Not even the beautiful Jennifer Aniston's feet. I'm sure as you're reading this 45 more people are landing on this blog with their desire to know more about her feet. I could see Googling about her hair, but her feet? Makes you wonder about people. Not judging, mind you, just find it interesting. Very interesting.

"cindy crawford" (And they got led to my blog? Must have been disappointing. Bless their hearts.)

Now last, but certainly not least, my new personal favorite:

"house wife peeing in the bathroom while plumbing"

(Thankfully, I don't have a picture to share with you about this entry. You're welcome.)

If this is the last time you ever want to read my blog, I completely understand.


Denise said...


Sondre Lyn said...

hahahaha... *wipes tears* I'll be giggling about this all day... and I'll never be able to watch Friends again without wondering "what the heck do her feet look like?????" hahaha said...

Too funny!!!! You need to take your act on the road! LOL!!!
Mom :)

Mia said...

Hmmm strange your blog keeps popping up under this phrase search:
"strong,funny,giving,amazing,blond southern girl with an abnormal obsession with Kid Rock" ;)

Pamela (His maidservant) said...

Too funny!! My toes look the same when I do them...that's what manicures are for girlie!!


Believing Him~Pamela