Tuesday, August 30, 2011

♫ Get This Party Started ♫

With Labor Day Weekend coming up, I decided to share this recipe for cheese dip with all ten of you again. It's a family favorite. And probably the only reason I ever get invited anywhere.

Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?

Well, today, I am going to show you how to make the ultimate cheese dip....Once you take this dip to your next church potluck or family gathering.......you will be the most poopular person at the party. (Just kidding!)

So join me in my kitchen, and I'll show you how to make the magic happen in yours.

Here's all you will need to help you pop out at parties.

The first step in making this cheesy goodness is to cut the cheese. (Just ignore me; I live with three boys. Sorry.)

You only need one pound of cheese for this recipe.

Now cut the cheese (again, just ignore me) into cubes. Like so.

Now get out a small saucepan and a can opener. (See how rustic we are; that's right, you can't plug that can opener in. It's a manual one....you know, so I can cook while the power is out!)

Now dump pour the rotel into your saucepan.

The next thing you will need to do is to add one-fourth teaspoon of black pepper. Like this.

Now throw in one teaspoon of garlic powder. Trust me; it will be goooooood!

The last spice you will add is ground cumin. Just toss in one teaspoon of that as well. (This is the secret ingredient; but don't tell anybody.)

Grab a spoon, and stir it all together. Like so.

Place your saucepan on the stove and bring the rotel and spices to a boil. Let them boil for about two minutes. Then remove from heat. (Thanks!)

Now you are ready to dump the cheese that you just cut (sorry) into the blender. Like so.

Then dump pour the rotel and spices right over the cheese. (Be careful though; it's hot!)

It should look something like this.

Now for the most important step of this entire recipe.....Make sure the lid to your blender is on good and tight!

Put your blender on the High speed and blend.
(Note to self: Next time remember to clean the blender before showing it to tens of people on the internet.)

When it is all blended together and looks something like this picture, it is ready!

Now it is time to dump pour it all into your serving bowl. Like this. Mmmmmmmmm!

If you stick your finger in it accidentally get some on your finger, feel free to lick it off......I won't tell anybody!

Now for the "official" taste test. Grab a chip and dip it.


If you still have some left after the taste test is finished.......quickly leave the house and head to the party.....(Trust me on this; if you don't leave quickly, the cheese dip could possibly disappear before you are able to get out of the house. This has often never happened to me, of course, but I've heard stories.)

When you arrive at the "party" carrying a bowl of this cheese dip and a bag of chips.......

All eyes will be on you, and you will start to hear Pink's voice singing in your ears.

Then you'll dance with your cheese dip and chips all the way across the room.

That's right!

Like this........

I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up so you better get this party started

(get this party started)

Making my connection as I enter the room
everybody is chillin'
as I set up the groove
Pumpin up the volume
with this brand new beat
everybody's dancin'
and they're dancin' for me
I'm the operator
you can call anytime
I'll be your connection to
the party line

I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up so you better get this party started
I'm coming up so you better get this party started

Okay, well maybe I'm exaggerating a lot a little bit, but trust me, if you take this cheese dip to the next social gathering that you are invited to........you'll get invited back!

I'm just saying is all.


Sondre Lyn said...

Yummy! I am going to definitely try this as soon as I get to where I have a kitchen again. I love the Rotel/Velveeta dip, but this looks better! And I really love cumin. mmmm... :D

Denise said...

Sounds so delish! My fam is heading to my sister's in AL for the weekend so I can't wait to try this out on them :) Thanks so much for sharing ... and thanks for including some Lucy in your blog <3

sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

That's funny! And I know we are going to fed some of this delicious dip this weekend!!! Can't wait!
Love you,
Mom :)