Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Exactly The Ingalls Family

Due to some strong thunderstorms that rolled through around lunch time on Saturday, our power and telephones went out.

I noticed a lot about myself and my family during the unbelievably long period of time three hours that we had no power or outside communication abilities.

We are not exactly the Ingalls family. (Although I love watching the Ingalls on television.)

We function much better with running water, electricity, and telephones.

Sitting together telling stories and talking gets very irritating boring after a couple of minutes a while.

The boys are not very fond of sitting around the fire and making dolls out of corn cobs.

Pa Shannon cannot play the fiddle to entertain us.

Ma I did not have any mending to do, and I didn't feel like cooking over an open fire.

Daniel is very impressive with the noises he can make using his armpits, but even that gets old after thirty-five a few minutes.

Matthew was very frustrated that he could not call his girlfriend, even though he had just talked to her fifteen minutes before that same morning.

Our water comes from an electric well.......and we do not have an outhouse. I'm just saying is all.

We all realized we apparently spend way too much time on the computer. It felt almost crippling not being able to get on line.

We kept going around the house trying to turn on lights. Over and over.

The only person not bothered by the lack of electricity was Allie, but that is only because she does not have to plug the couch in to sleep on it.

Shannon and I have always thought we were survivors (of sorts). We've been camping several times. We go for hikes. We even have a manual can opener.

But after so many three hours without power, I realized that my family and I just function better when we can turn on lights, flush the toilets, and get on the Internet.

Luckily after a few miserably long hours, our power did come back on, but not our telephones......or Internet! For some strange reason we were able to get on line for about fifteen minutes on Sunday, but that was all. I do not like being "disconnected" from the Blogging World for soooo long. I was starting to feel a little desperate.....

Thankfully for my family early this morning a wonderful AT&T man showed up and repaired everything! I now am able to soak up all the Internet I want to! Yay me!:) So Bloggin Buddies here I come!:)


Michele said...

Oh Amy,you have made my day! You're post just cracked me up! I've had a stressful morning and you have brightened my day! I LOVE your sense of humor!

Mama Mia said...

Amy this is just the best post I've read in awhile. I'm sorry you had no elec. and I'm so glad your'e back!!!!Love the Oliver Wendell Douglas pic!

My Goodness said...

It's VERY hard when you can do what you are used to doing...I, too, am spoiled by the luxuries of electricity and internet! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Too funny. What would we do without technology today? At least you some "quality" time in with your family. HeeHee

janjanmom said...

Whew!! I am so glad you made it through such a terrifying internet time-out!!

Thanks for putting a humorous twist on such a nightmare!!

Dianne said...

This was so funny, especialy as I'm a tiny bit dislexic and read mending as medling. If you live here you would go crazy. We have load shedding every other week, on Saturday eveing in fact Hilmar and I setteld down at 6pm to watch one of our favorite shows (Pimp my ride - yes I coming out, I love make over shows) and bam the power goes out for an hour. A couple of saturdays ago it went out at 7 and only came back on after midnight. Every time it goes out I think to myself, I'm so glad we are leaving!