Thursday, July 31, 2008

Company Came Calling

We don't get much call for company out here in the middle of nowhere in Crazyville, but last Sunday we were all excited to see some company coming.

We were thrilled to welcome her in to our humble home.

I was especially excited to meet Yvette; I knew she was amazing in Blog Land, so I couldn't wait to see what she would be like in real life here in Crazyville.

Let me just say this, "She was wonderful!"

We piled up on my bed and talked for hours and hours. You would have thought that we had known each other our entire lives.

And it obviously goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, "Allie loved her!"
And Yvette was so patient with Allie's overwhelming welcome. :)

I have not laughed so much in a long time. Yvette made bed rest seem like fun!

I got so tickled because she and Shannon are so much alike.
They say things in unison, and have many of the same "quirks" about them.

As Yvette was on bed rest with me she yawned quite a few times.

I told her every body does that when they come here.

So we've decided it is either one of two things.

1. We are the most boring family in the world, and manage to put all of our guests to sleep. Or...

2. We have such a comfortable, welcoming home that people are just so relaxed, and that is what causes them to yawn and/or fall asleep.

I like to think it is number 2, otherwise I get my feelings hurt.:)

Well, our visit came to an end too quickly for me.

I enjoyed Yvette's company so much.

She did a post yesterday about our visit. Click here to see it. :)

And I realize that she can't come to all of your houses, but you can all visit her on her blogs. I highly recommend you paying her a visit. She is so funny!

You can find her here:

The Boyd Family


Boyd's Babblings

and here:

Movies with Mom

Stop by one (or all three) of her blogs and say hello! You will not be disappointed.

Shannon took our picture together as she was getting ready to leave.

We took two. You know so each of us could have our best side showing.

Don't judge.

It was sad to me when she left.

And Allie cried and cried at the door as she drove away.

Bed rest is much more fun with a friend. I've tried, but I can't make myself laugh as much as Yvette did.

Yvette, if you're reading this, thank you for coming all the way out to Crazyville to spend time with me and Allie. We enjoyed spending time with you so much. You are a very special lady.
As soon as I am given the all clear to get back behind the wheel of a car again, I will be coming to see you. Then we can put our two heads together and figure out our plans to stalk visit Mia. ;)

Well now its time to say goodbye to Amy and her new friend.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
You're all invited back any time to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality
Hillbilly that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.

Y'all come back now,'hear?

Job 8:21
"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy."


The Laundress said...

Man, friends rock.

Yay for you.

Sharon said...

Sounded like fun... It's always so nice to have a visitor, and someone to share chat with. I love that scripture, and I had just sent that one to another blogger that I felt needed that up lift.
Get better soon so you can visit as well.
Huggs your way

hulagirlatheart said...

I find that if the dog gives someone the seal of approval they're okay. What a neat person to drive all the way over to your house.

My Goodness said...

That's fantastic! Yvette is one of the sweetest folks I know! Allie is a good judge of character.

Take it easy, Amy, get better soon!

Tracey said...


Hey, baby! What a sweet Yvette to come and visit you! It's amazing that ya'll just clicked! I'm so happy for you and happy that you have these wonderful ladies in Blogland!!! I know it's therapy for you to know that there are so many well-wishers out there!
Mom :)

Nicole said...

Amy, I am so glad you had a wonderful time with Yvette. I totally understand the loneliness that can come from being home alone while going through an illness or in your case recovering from surgery. I am so happy and filled with joy for you that Yvette visited you. The Lord is so good to us! Amen!


Liz said...

How fun Amy! Any friend that will hang out on your bed during bedrest is my kind of friend! She sounds wonderful.

PS.. your hair is still looking awsome :)

Beandip71 said...

How fun!! I wish I lived closer to Crazyville so I could come and visit you. I would even bring some Starbucks. :)


Nicole said...


With your help I figured it out. Thank you so much!!! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!


Ellie said...

Wow. friends are awesome. They are just awesome! I am so glad that you had such an awesome time!


Happy Thursday


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Sounds like it was a grand 'ol time. I'm so happy for you. Your lucky to have a wonderful blog friend so close.

That Allie...


Pleasant Drive said...

There's something so sweet about time with friends :)

Mia said...

It's the second one : )
Always praying for you girl!!

Dianne said...

Looks like it was a blast! I'm glad that you had your spirits cheered. I hope your bed rest is not getting you down too much.

Take care of yourself.

Laura said...

Such a special visit for two special ladies! Anything can happen in Crazyville!

Kenny said...

looks like a good visit is what you needed. Also by the looks of the black and white pic of the house ya'll have done alot of work on it. Hope I recognize it now.

The Boyds Family said...

LOL @ Kenny's comment!!!

I had a fabulous time visiting with Allie - and you too ;)
You have such a beautiful family!
I hope you are getting plenty of rest and starting to feel better again. If not....I know where you live and I might come stalking again ;) But....I'll try to give you advance notice so that you can put some clothes on and brush your teeth. :)

Can't wait for our supper stalker trip to Mia's AND Tina is looking forward to that bloggy lunch date. You're gonna be one busy lady when you finally get the all clear.

Take care of yourself and I'll talk to you soon.

Kellan said...

What a cute post, Amy! ANd, I'm jealous that you got to meet Yvette - I just love her and she is so fun and talented - as are you! I hope you are feeling better and so nice that she came to visit you - very cool!

Take care - Kellan

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! LOL And what were you doing out of bed on those pics, young lady? Don't make me come over there!