Saturday, July 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged And Got A Little Help From A New Friend!

Let me start out by shouting out a big "Thank You!" to Dianne. Dianne reads my blog and offered to fix my blog header. You may or may not have noticed that it is now centered to the blog, and looks much more pleasing to the eye. So if you get a chance stop by and visit Dianne at her blog called Deez Dayz, and send her some bloggy love. And be sure to tell her Amy sent you.

Now, on to some more bloggy business, I've been tagged by Sharon Hurley to tell six random things about myself. If you have not checked out Sharon's blog, you should. She shares her heart and her love for her family and for the Lord. So stop by and tell her Amy sent you.

Now boys and girls, here are the tag rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let ech person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Now that you all understand the rules of the game, let me change into something that makes me feel pretty. If I feel pretty, I won't be as embarrassed for you to read these six humiliating random things about me.

That's much better; even if it wasn't the exact look I was going for. (Melissa has a life of her own, so she is not always available to do my hair like when we were on the cruise together. But I'm not bitter about it. Really. I'm not.)

Now, I will begin to humiliate myself tell you six things about myself that I am sure you all don't really want to know.

1. I sing out loud in the car. A lot. I think that I sound great, especially when I am singing with my boyfriend Tim McGraw. My family does not.
I think it especially embarrasses my boys when I sing out loud when their friends are also in the car with us. It does not, however, embarrass me.

2. Even though I am 38 28 years old, I still love Fozzie Bear. I have an entire Fozzie Bear collection that I started when I was just in the sixth grade. I have two shelves full of Fozzies in the school room. And every time I look at them, they make me smile. Wocka! Wocka!

3. I cannot stand to leave my bed unmade. As soon as I get out of it, I start making it up. On the three occasions that I had to leave the house with the bed unmade, I was a basket case. I could not even enjoy myself for the all consuming thoughts of my unmade bed.

Don't judge.

4. I've told you all about this one before, but after spending almost a month away with Melissa, she REALLY noticed this humiliating habit that I have. I pick at my split ends A LOT apparently. And I told Melissa with all of the stuff I have been dealing with lately, I'm just moments away from sitting in a corner eating my hair.
(I'm kidding, of course. Really. It's not that bad yet.)

5. I don't like gelatin desserts with fruit in them. My mom tries to convince me all the time that they are so delicious, but I'm not buying it for a minute. Just looking at the gelatin jiggling with all that fruit that appears to be "floating" in the dessert makes me want to gag. I prefer my desserts to be "still" on my plate; I don't want them to be moving.

Seriously, this dessert would send me screaming from the table.

6. Last but not least, I have to have my toenails painted at all times. My toenails have not seen the light of day since I was in the seventh grade. The only problem with this (as I have confessed to you all before) is that I am terrible at painting them. I unintentionally paint almost my entire toe, then I have to go back around all the edges with a Q-Tip to clean them up. Unlike my singing in front of others in the car, this does embarrass me a lot a little.
I don't see how anyone can paint just the nail and not most of the toe. One of my dreams in life is to be able to paint my toenails and they look like this:

As opposed to this:

I'm just saying is all.

Well, now that I'm done humiliating myself sharing these random things about myself, I hope that you will still find it in your hearts to visit me again some time.:)

Now for the six people, I will tag:

1. Denise

2. Tracey

3. Ellie

4. Dianne

5. Aleisha

6. Mia (Yes, Mia, I am still stalking you!)


Sharon said...

You were right that is different, but girl I am laughing & falling out of my chair. The Jello was to hillarious. You know your mom is right, hahaha it is very tasty. As for singing with Tim Mcgraw, wooohooo I do too!! Sometimes my hubby and I go and sing Karoke, I am not as good as my hubby, but I love to sing, He tells me I sound different when I sing to the Lord.
But I also like Alan Jackson.
TooToo funny.
Now for the toe nails, I have finally got it myself, no more skin painting, but I can't stand it either unless they are painted.

There is nothing like a made up bed!!!

Sitting here having my coffee this morning, i am surprised I didn't wake up the house. Thanks for the laugh. I love the pictures you added as well.
Have a Great weekend

Mari said...

Oh I am *so* with you on the toes and the skin painting. I just had that problem this morning. And there I went off to get the Q-tip to try to make it better. Umm I could have saved the effort :)

I'm not into Fozzy because another bear has my heart, Pooh. Oh so cuddly wuddly Pooh. Sigh. If only I lived in the Hundred Acre Woods, we could share a pot of honey and his scarf :)

Blessings to you!

Beandip71 said...

I am a big muppet fan too. I have been since I wa a kid. I agree with you on the gelatin desserts...Blech!!!


Tracey said...

I LOVE YOUR TOES...EWWW!!! Thanks for the tag...I'll publish mine tomorrow.

Dianne said...

LOL! I just love your sense of humour - no that is not mispelled, that is how we spell it here. That and colour. So I have finished my post, happy reading, thanks for the tag!

Kelley said...

Isn't it great how God made us all so unique? Even with all of our little quirks He still loves us. Now if we could just learn to love ourselves, quirks and all!

Have a Happy Weekend Amy, I hope you are feeling much better....

Mia said...

Okay! After I temporarily remove the restraining order I have on you I will def. play tag! Thanks alot....and the making the bed thing..I am RIGHT there with you sister. My bed is only messed up when I am in in it!
Hope you are doing lots of recovering : )

Ellie said...

Oh, jeez!! First of all, thanks so much for tagging me! But I was out of town and I just got back!! I will try and do that little game as soon as I get the chance!! Thank you soo much!

My Goodness said...

I sing very loudly in the car too! Sometimes it's decent, other times I would have the closest dog howling!!

Wocka wocka!! Cute! I have a big Donald Duck collection b/c after all, I am married to Donald. I don't buy stuff anymore, but in highschool/college, game on.

I'm getting better about the bed thing...:)

When I had MUCH longer hair, I remember being able to see my split I can't so I'm not bothered.

I can eat jello, but I'm no fan of the floating fruit version either.

And your poor toes, that cracks me up!!! At least it's something fixable!!

Enjoyed this...when I finally got around to it. Not sure how I missed it...