Saturday, August 2, 2008

Company Came Calling...... Again

I don't believe the streets of Crazyville have seen this much traffic in well.....ever.

But it's funny what people will do when they feel sorry for you all piled up in bed with a bad back, or if it's your birthday!

So my friend Kenny that I introduced ya'll to the other day drove all the way out here just to wish me a Happy Birthday!

(And to get the gift that I bought him while I was in Europe. I'm just saying is all.)

Kenny loved what we had done with the place since the last time he was in Crazyville. (Eight years ago...but who is counting?)

I was very excited to see him, so I immediately started taking pictures.

Kenny is the sweetest friend; look at this birthday cake he bought made me.

He knows how I like my daisies.....Covered in sugar and on top of a cake!:)

After a few minutes of picture taking and talking, we got down to business.

That's right; we started exchanging gifts.

I made Kenny go first. (Since he drove all the way out here and everything.)

You are probably asking yourself,"What is that? A wooden chicken?"

Well, you are exactly right. It is a wooden toy chicken.

(Or as Kenny called it, a Christmas ornament.)

There is a really funny story and reason behind why I would bring him a wooden toy chicken back from Italy, but as you all know, Kenny does not like it when I ramble too long. So unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you that story today. But, if I get enough inquiries concerning the chicken story, then I will do a separate post. That way Kenny won't fall asleep as he reads this one.

(Ya'll have to remember, he is forty.)

Well finally it was time for me to open my gift(s). I couldn't wait to see what he had brought me back from his trip to Nevada.

Oh, ladies, don't be haters. We can't all have Peanut M&M Pirate key chains.

Then he gave me a gross "funny" birthday card with a Walmart gift card in it. (I can't wait to be released from this house so I can go use it.)

I was tickled to death with everything, then he says, "You haven't even got your real birthday present yet."

I wasn't sure what he meant, then he showed me the bag.

It was a gift bag that appeared to have three bags of plain M&Ms (my favorite candy) in it. I noticed that the M&Ms were all pink, blue, and white (my favorite colors).

But then I looked at them a little closer......

I saw that some of them said, "Happy Birthday!"

Some of them said, "39 years young."

And then Shannon's favorite, "Still Hot!" ;)

But then I noticed a different one.

It didn't have words on it.

It had a picture on it.

So I took a closer look.

It was then that I realized......

It was my picture!

My picture on M&Ms!

Three whole bags of them.

Well, I felt, practically famous.

I never in my wildest dreams would ever think that my face would be on an M&M.

After Kenny left to get out of Crazyville go home, Daniel asked me (very politely) if he could eat some of my M&Ms, and I screamed said, "Are you crazy? They have my picture on them!"

Don't judge.

Thank you, Kenny, for coming all the way out to Crazyville to get your present spend time with me for my birthday. I love you, Friend! (And I adore that key chain!)

Just as I was finishing up this post, my son Matthew brought the mail in.
And I had a package! It was from Tina who has the fabulous Golden Goodness blog.
I was so excited when I opened the package and saw this....

She is a scrapbooking extraordinaire and I was so thrilled when I saw what she had made me.
Tina, if you are reading this, "Thank you so much! I absolutely love it! You are so thoughtful to me, and I have not forgotten about our lunch date." ;)

Even now that I am 39, I still love to get mail!:)

And last but not least, Dianne, from the lovely Deez Dayz blog, if you are reading this, I am still blown away by the blog header you made for me. You are a special lady! And thank you for my calorie free cupcakes! (Tell Phillipa that I am sorry about that blowing out the candle scandal.) :)

Thank you to all of my bloggy friends; your birthday wishes meant so much to me, and they all put a smile on my face!

I tell you all from the bottom of my heart, "My cup runneth over!"

Well now its time to say goodbye to Amy and her old friend.
And they would like to thank you folks fer kindly droppin in.
You're all invited back any time to this locality
To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality
Hillbilly that is. Set a spell, Take your shoes off.

Y'all come back now,'hear?


Dianne said...

I'm so glad your day turned out to be so fantastic, couldn't imagine such a woderful day happening to a nicer person!
God Bless.

Kenny said...

Looks like you day turned out good.
In a million years I never would have thought I wold have gotten a chicken from Italy.
The pics of the M&Ms turned out nice. You can even make them look good. Have a great day!

My Goodness said...

Oh my! Those M&Ms are FANTASTIC!! SO COOL! I knew you could have them personalized, but with a PICTURE!?! I am SO impressed!!

I really need to know the story of the chicken...

And, you are welcome my friend, it's just a little something. Thank you for the sweet comments. :)

I'm glad you had a great day!!

Now, I know it's hard, but follow dr.'s orders so you can get better, ya hear!?

Tracey said...



Sharon said...


Happpppy Birthday to youuuuuu
Happppy Birthdayyy to youuuuu
Happppppy Birthdayyyyyy Sweet Amyyy
Happpppppy Birthdayyyyyy to YOU!

anddddd mannnnny moreeeeeee

Huggggs to you

Lelia Chealey said...

Happy Belated Birthday Amy!!! Looks like you had fun. Email me your address at
I want to mail you something I think you'll enjoy. ;)

M&M's yummy!! Love the pics of you, how creative.
Do tell the reason behind the wooden chicken soon! :)

Hope your day was as big of a blessing as you are.

Tracey said...


Check out my blog and all the fun my mom and I had this morning shopping! Wish you could have come with us. Get well soon!!

Mia said...

So cool! You are blessed with wonderful friendships don't you think?
Loved talking to you the other day! Hope you all are having a great weekend!
Praying for you "season of hiding" to end soon : )

The Boyds Family said...

Hey woman!! I'm so happy that your friend Kenny came all the way out to Crazyville to lie in bed with you....Those friends, they sure know how to make bed rest more interesting, don't they???

I hope you are feeling better today and I'm praying for your "season of hiding" to come to an end soon. Tina and I can't wait to go to the movies w/ you :)

PS. Those M&M's are the coolest thing EVER!!!! I wanna know where he got them....also wanna hear about the wooden chicken story. :)

Take care of yourself.

Laura said...

You just bless the socks right off of me! I've never laughed so hard at M&Ms in my life! Who would have thought? I'm so glad your birthday was scrumptious. Who knew bedrest could be so fun?

Anonymous said...

How neat and cool! I'm so glad you have a great day. You deserve it. So what flavor M&Ms where you again? :)

Denise said...

M&M's with your face on them!!! That is just about the coolest gift ever.