Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just For Laughs

It's that time again, another Saturday post just for laughs.

Today's clip is from the movie National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation. It is the scene where the Griswalds and Cousin Eddie and his family are visiting "Hoover Dam."

They share a lot of "Dam" humor in this clip. ;)

(This clip is only about 50 seconds long.)

"Laughter is an instant vacation." ~Milton Berle


much2ponder said...

Yes it is good to laugh, especially early in the morning. Thanks Amy:)

Beandip71 said...

I have never seen that movie before. You gotta love cousin Eddie. He always makes me laugh. :) Have a great day

God bless,

valerie said...

The first movie with the Griswalds was one of my favorites! It's just so dumb it's funny. I loved the part about Aunt Edna in that one.
When we were in Branson earlier this summer I kept trying to get a picture of the dam but there were always cars behind us so my husband couldn't slow down & as we would turn the corner and we kept joking about it. After about the fourth try I said, "I'm just trying to get a picture of the damn dam!" :) That just got us going. We were reminded of this movie. :)
Thanks for sharing this. It brought me laughter early this morning. I'll have to share it with my husband since we were just talking about this movie recently.
Have a great holiday weekend.
BTW....I was in labor on Labor Day 26 years ago. Labor Day fell on the 6th that year and my daughter was born in the wee hours of Sept. 7. I truly labored! :)
Love & blessings,

Anonymous said...

Aw, man! I l love that movie LOL I love the original NL's Vacation the most. Aunt Edna was hilarious. "Well, am I gonna eat or am I gonna staaaarve to death!"

Tracey said...


Mia said...

That dam movie is so funny!!! said...

That was funny! I wish they would make another one!
Love you! Hope you and Yvette are having fun tonight! :)
Love, Mom said...

That was funny! I wish they would make another one!
Love you! Hope you and Yvette are having fun tonight! :)
Love, Mom

Dianne said...

Sorry my friend that I never got around to commenting yesterday, Hilmar's parents arrived and then we were so involved in our visit that all things cyber were forgotten.

I vaguely think I saw this movies years ago, as I recall it was funny, but the clip was pretty dam funny too...

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That is a hoot. I remember when one of my friends went to the Hoover Dam and she called her mom and starting talking about the dam gift store and the dam pictures and the dam tour. She had recently gotten married and her mom and said something so serious. She was shocked and made a comment about how she (my friend/the daughter) needed to come home because her husband was a bad influence on her...she went out there and started cussing. It was so funny when she relayed it. Her mom seriously thought she had taken up cussing. :-)


Denise said...

For some reason, I'm unable to view the clip - it just looks like a blank spot on the page to me, probably 'cause I'm reading at work and they have YouTube blocked. Anyhoo, I love the Vacation movies and I remember this part - what a hoot!