Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fourth Stop: Sicily, Italy~ Part Three

Once we were back on the bus, I noticed that we were parked right next to Sicily's version of a gas station. Imagine in America pumping your gas practically right on the road. It made me nervous just thinking about it.

The majority of people that we saw in Europe were driving these little smart cars.
They have to because the driving and parking conditions are terrible!
And although for gas mileage and space saving, these cars are very smart, they never stopped seeming funny to me. I would break out in laughter every time I saw one. (Like I've said before, I don't get out much.)

This next picture was taken from my seat on the bus, and I did not zoom in with my camera. These cars were this close to each other and to us. I never did get used to the traffic during our trip. It scared me every single time. (Shudder.)

The drive back to the ship was beautiful! I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but it is very difficult to get a good shot moving 85 miles per hour down the highway through dirty bus windows.

We were told that most people in Italy do not have their own clothes washers and dryers, so every where we were, we saw clothes hanging out to dry.

As we were getting ready to enter a tunnel, I snapped this picture. You can see the tunnel on the other side of the highway, as well as homes nestled on the hill.

We saw these homes as we exited the tunnel. Look at all the flowers. I was so amazed by all of the different types of flowers that we saw all over the places in Europe. It did not matter if the homes belonged to the rich or poor, they had all types of beautiful flowers.

All along the highway that we traveled on in Sicily, we saw these colorful flowers just growing out of the concrete wall. They were gorgeous!

Once we arrived safely back at the ship (Thank You, God!), it was time to get ready for dinner. Each night before and after dinner, Melissa and I liked to take pictures of each other. We found a cute little private place with a backdrop that seemed made just for us to pose in front of. And pose we did.

Every. Single. Night.

Don't judge.

Here is a picture of Melissa looking so lovely as always. Sigh.

And here I am with my flat-ironed hair, which I looooooved! (Thanks, Melissa!)

After all of our picture taking nonsense was over, it was time to get down to business. The business of eating that is.
The meal that I had that night was my favorite of all of the meals that I had the privilege to eat on this Mediterranean trip.

My starter was a wonderful penne pasta served with a marinara sauce, and it was topped with freshly shredded cheese. I love when they shred the cheese on top.

For the main course I chose Veal Parmesan with some form of scalloped potatoes, and smashed carrots. Now, I will admit that the smashed carrots look like baby food, but they were delicious! It was all sooooo delicious!


And I ate every single bite!

Don't judge.

I did not get a picture of my choice of dessert that night. I guess my mind was still too focused on the cannoli that I had eaten earlier in the day.


(Melissa, I am so sorry about not even saving you a bite of that delicious cannoli, but you know how much I love you, Friend! And I promise you, when we go back to Italy for our movie premiere, I will buy you your very own cannoli, and you can eat the whole thing.) ;)

That's all of Sicily folks!:)


Mia said...

Oh yeah me!!! I did it again!! Here is a first...hubby read over my shoulder as I read your post this morning!! You know men and cars and gas pumps. He saw those two things and was hooked. The food of course kept him interested! Great post. I always LOVE hearing and seeing your trip! Makes it even more special knowing what you have been through since coming home.
Remember Amy "just say no to crack!!"
: )
Have a blessed day!

My Goodness said...

Oh, I LOVE the flowers growing out of the wall! How beautiful!

And those cars...they crack me up. I'm sure I'd give them a point-value and cheer for the bus to boot'em like pinballs!!

Loved every bit of Sicily!!

My Goodness said...
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My Goodness said...

I was JUST about to add 'Where's Mia? I beat her today!' But I didn't. When I got my comment to post...there was Mia! lol

Nicole said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing.


Michele said...

You truly had a fantastic trip! I love the flowers growing out of the wall. Beautiful!

Mari said...

The flowers are great! I love love love color.

Oh that food. I am now officially hungry for Italian. YUM!

Dianne said...

It seems that a lot of Europe is the same, in Santorini (the greek isle we were on) the traffic and cars and gas stations were almost exactly the same. All of the cars were dinged and scratched and the congestion was hard to get used to. As we drive on the left side of the road here, in right hand drive cars, driving there was hair raising to say the least.

Do you not get those flowers back home? They are called Boginvillia.

The food looks YUM-O!

It's amazing how you picture a place and when you go there it looks totally different. I would have imagined Sicily to looks all cobblestoned and the streets lined with pizza and spaghetti...

Liz said...

Sigh. Wish I were there. And those flowers! Fantastic.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Those cars are hilarious...almost like oversized go-carts...wonder if that is how they feel to drive them. It looks like the one outside of the bus is trying to cut in line or maneuver around another car. I guess they are small enough to cut in and out just like those darn motorcycles.

I LOVE the bright colored flowers. Oh, what beauty. You guys clean up very well, huh?

I can't believe all the courses in a meal...Dog...I'm lucky to get one course unless I hit a buffet like Ponderosa. I did that last weekend for my dad's 60th. I had a luscious salad as an appetizer and more food than I should for the main course.

Thinking of mashed carrots.... whenever I have roast, potato and carrots, I usually mash my potatoes and carrots with my fork, mix around, add butter. Yumm Yumm!

MereinSC said...

wow! i would never be able to drive a little car like that! i just got a car after driving a jeep for the last 4 years and i feel like i'm on the ground!!!

i love your pictures... it looks like you had an amazing time! it is a dream of mine to spend a month in the mediterranean area. i think it is beautiful there!

Pleasant Drive said...

I've seen a few of those itty bitty cars in my neck of the woods. I'd rather walk, personally. They're ridiculous.

sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

Hey, baby girl! Finally I got a breather to look at your blog! I'll be so glad to get my computer back up and running!
The cannoli looks WONDERFUL!!! I know you two had such fun together. Can't wait to see more!
Mom :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics and I would have pigged out on the food for sure. Hey, I guess they don't have many large families over there with mini cars like that, huh? Guess we will just have to strap the gang to the roof. A little fresh air will do them good. ;)

Laura said...

Those little cars make me laugh too! Such beautiful flowers! Wouldn't life be better if we had flowers like that all around us? Sigh. And that cannoli again. And your super model poses look great! Keep the pictures coming!

Kenny said...

will the cannoli show up again in the next post. I think you are rubbing it in. Maybe you just need to learn how to make them and share with everyone.
You and Melissa are funny with all the pics you take, but I think I am just as bad. I like the Super Model Pose also. Are your nails wet however:) Wish ya'll where going to the beach with us, talk to you when I get back.

Ellie said...

wow! u look like u r having a amazin' time!!!! i love the runway pictures.. ha!


Beandip71 said...

Those Smart Cars crack me up too. They actually opened a dealership here a few months ago. I would be afraid to drive one on the freeways here. Yikes!!!

Aleisha said...

Looking at those pictures, I thought they were of where I live. Yea, the gas pumps are right there. But I guess if you break down right there, it helps. We never use them, to dangerous!

Denise said...

Hi Amy. I have not been blogging for a few days but I'm catching up now. I loved "our" trip to Sicily! Those gorgeous flowers and the funny little cars - reminds me of the movie, "Just Married" - did you see it? Their little car? Too funny! Thank you for sharing this wonderful trip with us. I sure would like to try a cannoli!


The Boyds Family said...

I think those little clown cars are cute....I wonder how many clowns they can fit in them??

Love the flowers and the poses...the food pics are making me HUNGRY!!

Mia "cracks" me up!! ;)