Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sixth Stop: Cannes, France~ Part Two

The first stop on our tour was Nice, France.

Although, I'm sure Nice is a lovely place, the part of Nice that Melissa and I got to see was less than lovely.

There were some nice buildings to see this one. (I have no idea what it is, of course.)

And here is another one....

It was Market Day in Nice. We were told that not long before we arrived, they had their fresh flowers for sell in this area. The debris that you see on the pavement is what was left over from all of the flowers that were sold that day. The streets were wet, because they were hosing them down after clearing out all of the flowers.

As many of you unfortunately already know, I have several public bathroom related issues. I thought I was aware of all of them, but in France, I developed a new public bathroom related issue. Several of them to be exact.

For starters, men and women use the same public restrooms in France. I don't care for that very much.

The other issues I developed shortly after finding this sign to the restroom in Nice.

You will notice that the sign is pointing a certain direction, but Melissa and I looked and looked, and we could not find the public restroom anywhere. We finally located our tour guide and asked her where the public restroom was, and she said you just follow that sign......It's across the street at the beach.

Good to know.

So, we go to the beach. Only, we still don't see the public restroom. We looked and looked, then we finally spotted it. It was underground. At the beach. It felt like we were going down stairs to get on a subway, but it smelled like we were walking into the sewer system.

(Excuse me while I throw up a little bit in my mouth just recalling the smell.)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, the sewer public restroom. As we entered we saw a sign that said 35 cents. We had to pay 35 cents to pee. I had to pee so badly at this point that I really didn't care how much they charged, but still.

So, we get in line with our money, and that's when we see him. The public restroom attendant. He was nasty. He was ginormously fat. He was smoking a cigar. He had black, curly, unkempt hair. And he was wearing a bathing suit. A black Speedo to be exact. The kind that ONLY Michael Phelps should wear.

I'm just saying.

We gave the disgusting man our money, and then he pointed to something on the counter where he was sitting.

We looked to see what he was pointing at, and then that is when I realized yet another one of my public restroom related issues. He was pointing to a stack of toilet paper that we were supposed to use. Although, I don't really think that you can call it a stack, seeing as how it was only four squares of toilet paper. Four. Squares. Of toilet paper. Per person. For thirty five cents.

I looked at Melissa a little confused, and I asked her, "What would you do if you needed to go Number 2? She just looked at me and said, "I guess you would have to ask him how much for an entire roll."

As we left that sewer public restroom, I looked at Melissa and said, "God Bless America!" Amen?

Anyway, I promise that is all of the Number 1 and Number 2 talk for this post. But just let me say this, if you travel to Europe, take plenty of Charmin to Go.

And that's all I have to say about that!

Here is a picture of the gas prices while we were in France. This price is per liter, as opposed to the per gallon that we pay here in America.

The drive from Nice to Eze was beautiful. Very picturesque.

We were told that Brad and Angelina were staying somewhere in this picture while they waited to have their twins.

Isn't it gorgeous?

Imagine having this as your backyard....

You can definitely see why Brad and Angelina chose to have their babies in this particular location.

Everywhere you turned to look, you just saw beauty.

The drive to Eze was magnificent!

Join Melissa and me tomorrow for our time in Eze, France. And I promise that there will be no more talk of Number 1 or Number 2. ;)


Michelle said...

Ewwww...the underground bathrooms! On top of that, I personally, would of been a little creeped out by the guy down there collecting money :/ Did they at least have sinks to wash your hands (or did you have to pay for the paper towels to dry them)? LOL

The other photos are just lovely! Could you imagine waking up to that every day? God sure had an eye for beauty when He created that :)

Have a great day girl!

valerie said...

Yuck! I'm glad you had Melissa with you and I'm glad you only had to pee. Gee...I never thought one would have to pay to pee.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful!

Have a blessed day, Amy!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Those are beautiful photos! But all that bathroom stuff...yuck! As I was reading about your 4 sheets, I was thinking to myself 'oh, I hope she had to charmin to go with her'. I would never travel very far without it:)

Laura said...


Oh. My. Goodness. I would have found a nice alley to do my business! But the latter pictures are beautiful. Sigh.

Michele said...

Yuck! Sorry for your bathroom issues! This is why I always carry extra tissues and hand sanitizer with me at all times! :)

Love the pictures, beautiful!

Gina said...

Thankfully I did not have to use the public restroom while in Nice. Yuck!! FYI, you need to check out the public restrooms in Germany. They are are the cleanest restrooms I have ever seen. I'm just saying is all. :) I look forward to seeing Eze! Have a wonderful day.

God bless,

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Those are some magnificent views...just breathtaking!!

As for the bathroom issues...OMG!
I always have babywipes with me thanks to Sarah.....if in Nice, I will remember to make sure I am stocked!!

SondreLyn said...

Your vacation pix are to die for! I am so jealous! I have never been! And you seem like fun to travel with... the bathroom story is too too funny! And the beach clothes... hilarious! Oh my!

I also had to put Surviving Christmas on my Netflix queue so I could watch it. How could I not after such an enthusiastic recommendation!

I love the picture of you and your husband. (is it new?) So sweet and romantic... awwww...

Love your blog!

Pleasant Drive said...

love the photo post! It is gorgeous, and I wanna go there, too!

Sharon said...

YES I AM IN AWE of those photos, as someone said just breathtaking for sure!!
Really Great share
Your potty situation all I can say is OMG!
I must keep this in mind. lololol

Dianne said...

That is the nastiest expereince to have in such a lovely place. Ag shame my skattie.

I hope you took 5 sheets instead, just to spite him. Bet you were glad you carry your handbag stash with you at all times just then.

The scenery is lovely there, you must feel so blessed to have been there.

Anonymous said...

Kevin used to be in the army (in Germany) & he said it's very common in Europe to pay to go to the restroom. God bless America, amen?

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Yes, God bless America and American toilets...even Walmart and gas station ones. They sound like Heaven compared to the one under the beach in Nice. Oh nice to be in Nice, huh?

I can't even imagine...obese and spedo...


Denise said...

Hey Amy. I'm so excited that we're back on the trip. I'm loving it. These pictures, like the others, are all so breath-taking. Thank you for sharing.

Smiling Shelly said...

These buildings are very beautiful!!

Men AND Women....using the same bathroom???? NO WAY!!!! I would die!!

You already know my love for public of course I LOL! at this story. Seriously?? 35 cents for 4 squares??? And just what, exactly, can a person do with 4 squares??? Is there ever a time when 4 squares is enough??

I'll bet Brad and Angelina don't have to pay 35 cents for 4 squares of toilet paper.... I'm just sayin'. ;)

LynnSC said...

Man... what a trip.

I have hardly been out of SC. Oh well... maybe one day.

I have something for you at my blog... stop by and get it.

My Goodness said...

Funny, funny bathroom stuff...good grief!!

It is so gorgeous...sigh...what a blessing to have seen it in person!

diane said...

I'm glad we had our own appartment and didn't have to use public toilets. The toilets in Switzerland are clean but yes you must pay. We had a laugh last time we were there. bill went to the men's and came back to tell us it cost one franc to use the urinal and 2 francs to use a cubical. We couldn't stop laughing. 1 franc is nearly a US dollar