Tuesday, September 2, 2008


When I was recovering from my recent back surgery, Yvette sent me this little package of "happies" to cheer me up. :)

Thanks, Yvette!:)

Yvette loves to tease me with frogs, because she knows how much I dislike them.

I put the Fozzie Bear that she gave me with my Fozzie Bear collection. (I have issues.)

The little frog key chain (which by the way when you squeeze it, it makes the funniest sounds) I decided to use as a Christmas ornament. I thought it would be a nice reminder every year of Yvette's unbelievable kindness to me.


But the little bag full of colorful plastic frogs, I had no idea what to do with.......until now.

Since several bloggy buddies pointed out to me that "frog" in the Christian world stands for "Fully Rely On God," I decided to use these disgusting little colorful frogs as a reminder for me to do just that.

So, I placed them in different spots around my home, so that I would constantly be reminded to focus and fully rely on God, as opposed to focusing on the circumstances that are happening around me and only relying on myself or others.

Here is one of the frogs at my computer desk....

On the table beside the couch....

In the kitchen....

In the bathroom....

(I'll just need you to ignore the hair on the sink. Thanks!)

I even hid one in the laundry room....

And last, but certainly not least, I placed one on my bedside table. That way I would see the frog when I first wake up in the morning, and it would be the last thing I see each night as I go to sleep.

As long as the frogs stay out of my toilet (click here to read about that nightmare), I think I will be okay with them all over my home. ;)

Proverbs 3:5
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;"

Thank you, Dianne, for this beautiful picture.


Dianne said...

Aww shucks, you're welcome.

I think that is such a lovely idea, even if you do find the little creatures creepy.

I also think it will be a constant reminder of where your priorites lie and help with leading a Christ centred life, but I know you do anyway and I really admire that about you.

And don't worry about that hair, it just makes the rest of us feel more normal. ;o)

sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

Amy, that was an excellent idea to do with your frogs! Your faith is amazing! That is a beautiful picture indeed!
Love, Mom :)

sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

Amy, that was an excellent idea to do with your frogs! Your faith is amazing! That is a beautiful picture indeed!
Love, Mom :)

valerie said...

Our family went fishing the other day and I saw a frog three times and tried to take picture just for you and every time I would get the camera out of my pocket they would jump into the water. I did think of you though. :)
Kristen said one time one was staring at her and by the time I started making my way to her, he jumped he disappeared too....so, you'll just have to have the mental picture. ;)
Have a blessed day!

Beandip71 said...

What a great idea! I'm sure all those little frogs look cute around your house. Have a great day! :)

God bless,

Michele said...

That is a wonderful idea! To take something you really don't care for and find God's blessing! Now if I could only do that with spiders.....not happening...no way no how. :)

Kristen said...

Too, too cute! Those frogs are much better than the live frogs in the toilet! I am still giggling over that one!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

FROGin and DOGin. Don't forget DOGin though you have no fettish with dogs except extreme love for one! :-)

Hairs? I think I saw one itsy bitsy one and I had to squent, get out my bifocals (which I don't have) and also my magnifying glass. haha. Maybe you're meaning the hairs on Shannon's face. Boy, he sure looks different with a full beard. My beloved had a full bear about 15 years ago. His daughter cried and cried and asked where her daddy went. She was about 4. He still has a 'stache and looks good but glad he doesn't have that beard anymore. I'm just not a beard fan, personally.

What a wonderful reminder and I know how you love visuals so this will be great to be reminded to fully rely on God via those critters you dislike most.

My pond for two years had frogs in it. I'm not sure why they've disappeared. I would always be scared and startled by them but I did love hearin' me some frog croackin'.

I think I'd die over frogs in the el toileto!

Love ya chicky!

Tracey said...

Sexy picture of you and your husband....my my....! Love the frogs!

Mia said...

God can just be in every part of our day...even the small,slimy,croaking,hopping part of our day!
Great idea!

My Goodness said...

I loved your little froggies! :)
Very clever idea to have them around to remind you who you should rely on...

I hope you're still feeling as well as you did this weekend!!

Have a great day!

Weeksie50 said...

What a fun idea!

Laura said...

I love it!Now it really looks like Crazyville! The frogs are really cute, and I'm with you, as long as they don't jump we'll be ok.
Happy Day, Amy.

Denise said...

Aw, Amy, what a great idea! I personally like frogs and think the ones you put around your house are very cute. I love the F.R.O.G. meaning too - how cool!


Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

What a great idea to put FROGS around to remind you! That is awesome. Great little reminder - thanks for that!

Becoming Me said...

What a cute use of those frogs! That's so neat. And thank you for all your recent encouragement!

Nikowa said...

What a great reminder! (from a frog lover! LOL)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Great idea!

Mari said...

Forget the frogs girl. Your husband is a hottie!

Jenny said...

That is neat! And I didn't know that about frogs. Learned something new today!


The Boyds Family said...

I LOVE what you did with all your little froggies and I love the meaning. I think that is 'most excellent!' ;)

That darn Yvette.....I wonder what she'll come up with next??

I had a great time visiting and all the little frogs around the house really "Cracked My Crab"! I didn't see the one by the sink - and YES, I DID was my hands :) Guess I overlooked him worying about my Spanx - I'm just sayin'. LOL!