Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chicken Spinach Lasagna Casserole

I recently made a new chicken dish that I found the recipe for. It was easy and delicious! And if you had some leftover chicken (which I, unfortunately, did not), it would be even easier.

So, if you would like to, come join me in the kitchen as I make Chicken Spinach Lasagna Casserole.

Here is everything that you will need to make this yummy dish.

Just a note before I begin: I baked some chicken breasts and cut them up prior to starting this recipe, but like I said, if you used leftover chicken it would be really simple. I also boiled the lasagna noodles prior to the assembly phase, but I did not want to bore you with pictures of that....Plus, I sort of forgot to take pictures of that part. ;)

The first thing that I did was dump one cup of shredded Sharp Cheddar cheese into this big mixing bowl.

Then I dumped one cup of shredded Mild Cheddar cheese into the bowl. (You can use whatever kind of cheese you like; just make sure you use two cups.)

Now Tina and Shelly, if you are reading this, just close your eyes for this next part. I chopped up one third of a cup of onion to dump in the bowl. (*sniff*sniff*)

Now it's time to add a dash or seven of salt. (Just please don't say anything about this ingredient to Shannon. Thanks!)

In Crazyville we like a lot of black pepper, so I added just the right amount for us, but feel free to add the amount of pepper that would be right for you and your family.

Next on the list was one tablespoon of cornstarch. I don't know what the cornstarch is for, but I am a rule follower, so I added it.

Then I threw in one tablespoon of soy sauce. Like so.

The recipe called for one cup of sour cream. I had the fat free kind on hand, so I used that, and it worked beautifully.

Then it said to add one third a cup of mayonnaise. All I had was Miracle Whip, but it worked very well also.

Next up on the ingredient list was one can of Cream of Mushroom soup, so I dumped the whole can into the bowl. Like so.

This is the hardest part of the entire recipe. You have to add 10 ounces of frozen spinach that has been thawed and drained. Just make sure to get all of the water out of it that is humanly possible. I'm just saying.

Once you have successfully done that, just throw it into the bowl. So to speak.

The last ingredient that I added to the mix was two cups of cut up (or shredded) chicken breast.

Now it was time to mix it all together. Like so.

After all of the mixing nonsense was over, I lightly sprayed my 9x13 baking dish with a non-stick cooking spray.

Then I laid my first layer of lasagna noodles in the pan....I used about 5 noodles...(You just want them to cover the bottom of the pan.)

Next, I put half of the chicken spinach mixture on top of the noodles......

And spread it evenly all over the noodles....Like so.

Then I added the second layer of noodles.

Followed by the remainder of the chicken spinach mixture.

And I spread it evenly all over and made it look like this.

Now comes the topping, which Shannon said was the best part of the dish.

I dumped one cup of Grated Parmesan cheese on top of the casserole.

And spread it all over until it completely covered the dish.

Last, but certainly not least, I added one cup of chopped pecans.

Then spread them out until the whole casserole was covered with them as well.

After everything was all put together, I popped all of this yummy smelling chicken goodness into the oven, which had been preheated to 350 degrees, and I let it bake uncovered for one hour.

When I pulled it out of the oven, it looked just like this.


All you have left to do at this point is to serve it up in your beautiful dishes (or paper plates, if you prefer).

Take a bite.

Close your eyes.



Shannon loved this dish so much, that after dinner, he took me for a dip.;)


(Just a little note: I recently made this dish a second time, but instead of using lasagna noodles and layering the recipe, I mixed all of the ingredients together with small shell shaped pasta. It was a little easier, and over all, we liked the texture even better.)

When I mixed everything together, it looked like this.

And this is what it looked like served up in my dishes. (It was easier to cut out of the pan than the lasagna noodles were.)


You can, of course, make it either of the two ways, and it will still be delicious; I just thought you might like knowing of another way to put this dish together.


diane said...

I have just been browsing through your blog. It is taking me ages to catch up with everyone's blog from when i was away.
The chicken and spinnich casserole looked YUMMY. I'm giving the recipe to Bill, he's the cook here. We love all those ingredients so I'm looking forward to it. It was a great post.
Your blog looks great with the daisies and your sense of humour keeps me chuckling.
Glad to hear your Dad is recovering and how is your back?
Have you got a secret for uploading pics in order?

Weeksie50 said...

Oh, this looks super yummy. I think I wuold like it better witht he shell noodles too..

valerie said...

It's 8:00 in the morning and I'm thinking this sounds so good!
I'll definitely have to try this recipe.
I'm all about visuals. I love recipes with pictures.
Seems like we've been going so much lately I haven't cooked in forever. I'm putting this on my list to try soon.
Have a blessed Thursday!

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

YUM YUM YUM! I am definitely making this SOON! Thank you for sharing the recip. I'm salivating...

Mia said...

That looks scrumptious girly!! I am also wanting to know how you get so many pics in order?
Still praying for you and your Dad!
Love ya,

Michele said...

Looks yummy Amy! I bet I could get my boys to eat this even with spinach!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Looks yummy! I'm all about easier, so I would probably try the shells too.

Tricia said...

Sounds sooper yummy!!! I will be giving this a try in the near future!! Love your new layout by the way!! As Clairee says....The only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorize...even if it is our blogs!! Have a great Thursday!!

Nicole said...

Looks realllllllllly yummy!!!

Mari said...

In the words of Rachel Ray ~ YUMMO! I'll be fixing this for dinner one night next week. Thanks Amy! said...

Amy, that looks divine! I think I will try it with the noodles instead of the lasagne - you know I'm not the cook in our family! But then your Dad wouldn't follow the recipe!
It's making me hungry!
Love, Mom :)

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! I love spinach so I gotta try it. Thanks!

Dianne said...

It official, I have died and gone to heaven. This looks so delicious, next time it's my turn to cook after Himar gets back, I'm making this.

How divine, and all of my favorite things! Cheese - good, spinach - good, chicken - good, oh this is my kind of meal. Thanks for sharing.

Beandip71 said...

That looks so yummy!! I am all for anything with pecans in it, especially pecan pie. Mmmmmmm! Thanks for sharing your recipe. I probably won't give it a try until the weather cools off. There is no way I would turn my oven on right now. :)

God bless,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I'm all for easy and I like the idea of dump and bake with the noodles. Actually, a feller could use any time of noodle. I'm prejudice to the penne noodle, when possible.

This does look delish especially if someone else cooked the chicken and drained the spinach. The pecans on top are an ingenious idea. I love nuts. Of course, I am one.

Hey, I think you stole or borrowed my blue measuring cups. I do like your measuring spoon. It appears it's one of those all-in-ones where you just slide the handle to change the measurement. I've not upgraded to one of those high-techy things.

Now, the challenge for me....get out a recipe card NOW and write this down and store it in my recipe holder, of which I rarely look in but when the day comes that i remember your post and I'm in the mood to make or bake something delicious for me or for someone else then I will remember I wrote this down and I will know to look into my recipe box then go to the store and buy the ingredients to finally make the delish dish.

Is that the record for longest sentence? I just kept typing and then I thought it would be funny to have an extremely long run-on.


much2ponder said...

Amy...thanks for taking the time to share this recipe. It looks so good, I will have to try it. Chicken is one of my husband's favorites so this will likely be one of those dishes that makes it to the table a number of times in a year. :)

Laura said...

This looks sooo good, Amy. Will have to try it very soon. I love the pecans!

Smiling Shelly said...

Oh my goodness, Amy!! That looks so yummy - minus the onions, of course. BLECH!

I am FOR SURE gonna make this dish. The pecan's kinda threw me for a loop but I'm willing to step out of my box and try them in it too ;)


Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

This sounds great....I will be trying this one for sure!


Amy in TX said...

Oh yes!! I "must" be making this soon. Looks fabulously delicious. Mmmm-Mmmm-Mmmm

Kelly said...

This recipe looks great!
Think I'll add another link to your site on my new recipe blog!
That's for sure!

My Goodness said...

Ok...I'd probably like this a LOT if it didn't have those stinkin' onions in it! I'll sub in some onion POWDER...I don't mind the onion flavor, you see. And the spinach, I don't think I'd normally eat that, but with pasta and cheese, I could probably do it!

So when will you be making this for me, sans onions?

Sharon said...

Sounds really good, I will have to give it a try, The pecans sound wonderful and really give it a wonderful and different taste. I am Italian and this is different. I don't do mushrooms though but I bet it would taste really good with the cream of celery, or cream of chicken, hmmmm I must give it a whirl.
Thanks for sharing
Love that picture with you and allie
Huggs & Blessings