Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Magazine Nonsense

For the record, I am a magazine junkie. I love, love, love, my magazines. (Especially Us Weekly, but that is for another post.)

I just cannot help myself. I love to read all about starvation weight loss secrets, fashions that I will never be able to afford, exercise regimens of stick thin women, make up tips for using make up that I will never buy or wear, pictures of good hair that I want to have and proceed to torture Melissa with, not to mention all of the organizing and decluttering tips that I never end up doing.

I think that I inherited my love of magazines from my mother. She hoards loves them as well.;) (Just ask my daddy, but as I said before, that is also for another post.)

And one of the first things that my mother taught me about magazines is this:
The first thing that you do upon opening any magazine is to go through and pull out all of the ads and subscription cards.

So, when my current issue of Redbook magazine arrived last week, that is exactly what I did.

I pulled them all out. Like so.

I quickly noticed that there was a particularly thick advertisement that really stuck out in the magazine. (I tried at first to rip it out, but it would not budge.)

But then, I noticed that it had a very pretty and colorful picture on the front of the thick advertisement. It looked like this.

Then I flipped it over, and this is what it looked like on the back side.

Well, now my curiosity was beginning to get the best of me. I wondered what on earth a butterfly net had to do with Fruit of the Loom unmentionables.

So, once I was able to rip pry the pages apart, I saw this.

Pretty clever, huh?

Fruit of the Loom colorful cotton pantie-clad butterflies.

In 3D, no less.

Please feel free to just completely ignore me.

I really should try to get out more.

I'm just saying.

“I was leafing through a magazine where there was a before-and-after picture of a woman who went from a size 5 to a size 3 by liposuction. Was she serious? I've cooked bigger turkeys than her "before" picture.” ~Erma Bombeck


diane said...

You have never ending ideas for blogs. Butterfly knickers! What next?
Thank you for the information. I think I know what you mean. I will try it later and come back to yo if I get stuck. However, i am working again for 6 weeks so I can't get much done at the moment.

Gwendolyn said...

This would have fascinated me. I almost want to go out and buy a magazine just for the underwear clad butterflies. My husband already thinks I'm crazy, though.

Mia said...

Okay I am so going to the magazine rack and checking Redbook out...this is so cool!
Whenever we go to the library I go in and snag all the celeb gossip mags (US,People etc..) and catch up on my gossip!!

Pleasant Drive said...

My grandmother de-ads her magazines as soon as she gets them, too. I always thought that was so strange. I guess it's a more common occurence than I once thought.

Michele said...

I remove the ads as well. They drive me nuts. I have given up most women's magazines though and just get Family Fun and The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. The one other magazine I do get is All You from Walmart and that is only because of all the coupons that are in it each month! I've gotten over my magazine addiction for the most part! :)

Weeksie50 said...

I would completely ignore you.. If I didn't have the same exact picture on my camera... I got my Redbook the other day.. tore out all the cards that fall out and get on my nerves and then I see the butterfly panties.. and my first thought was.. Oh, I need to take a picture.. I could so blog about this one day.. How stinkin' funny is that...

Gina said...

You are too funny!! That was a very clever add. I love the quote at the end of the post.....hilarious!!

Have a great day!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

That's one expensive ad, a? At least they were smart to have it super-glued into the magazine so it wouldn't fall out in transport, storage, shelf, the store, house, etc. You get the drift. Those other danglers can easily escape. FoL was bound to not let the expensive out get lose.

So, do you now have FoL on your list to buy, huh, huh? Did they accomplish their goal, huh, huh?

Kenny said...

On the part where you say "I should really try to get out more". Just remember to look down at your feet before leaving the house next time. .
I'm just sayin.

valerie said...

Kenny's funny, huh?
Kenny....I've worn two different shoes a couple of times (at least three that I remember).
It's probably more common than one might think. ;)

I tear those adds right out too. The pages just don't turn right with them in there.

I just got a special card and ordered two years of Ladies Home journal for $5.99! I can't wait to get my first issue. I wonder if it will have a cute ad like this one in it?

much2ponder said...

Very cute Amy. I especially love the quote at the end. You make me smile:)
"I'm just saying..."

Lelia Chealey said...

Thanks for the laugh Amy!! I think you've called us twins before havein't you? Yes. There is nothing like a good magazine. I love when I get in my "I'm going to lose weight" mind set and buy a magazine with the secrets to do in 10 days. Being a retired athlete I don't know if I think there is going to be a regime that I haven't tried before but I fall for it every time. The latest was SELF magazine with Brooke Shields on the cover. I convinced myself I could be Brooke by next summer. Tonight I forgot my new goal when I ate my brownies. Oh well...

Love you girl!!!

Laura said...

Those fruit of the loom guys...too much apple? Not! Hilarious, Amy. You always make me smile.

Kelly said...

Such pretty, pretty panties!
I love clever ads!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, I thought I was the only magazine freak. You can't see the top of my coffee table b\c of the magazines/catalogs!

That ad is cute! I haven't seen it yet.

Dianne said...

So, you not only have a purse problem, but a magazine problem too. Well you know what, my cousin and I have a solution to purse/magazine/shoe/anything fetishes. We just say how luck and blessed we are witht eh abundance of the object. I mean, there are so many people out there who have none and we got to have so many! How lucky are we! And how vonderful are ve dahlink!

Oh well, we can choose to see it as a problem or a blessing, I choose blessings!

Denise said...

I gotta get that magazine! :)


My Goodness said...

I've heard of underwear that could 'walk by itself'...but I've never heard of flying drawers...well...unless they're on a flag pole.

I'll shut up now. :)