Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another Lunch And Movie With Shelly And Her Mom

Since I had so much fun with Shelly and her mom the first time that I went with them to have lunch and see a movie, I jumped at the chance to go again. (Click here to read about our first lunch and movie date.)

Once again, we met for lunch at McAlisters in Crazyville.

And this time, I not only took pictures of my food, I also took pictures of Shelly and her mom's food as well.

Shelly's mom always likes to order Chicken Tortilla Soup in a Bread Bowl.

Doesn't that look yummy?

One of my favorite parts of eating out with Shelly, is listening to her order. Much like Harry says about Sally, "Shelly orders the food in such a way that even the chef didn't know how good it could be."

But instead of ordering everything "on the side" like Sally does.....Shelly has a long list of "Nos" when she orders. She doesn't want them at all....not even on the side.

Shelly orders the Turkey Melt with no tomato's, no bacon, no mustard with a side of potato soup.
Then she also orders a large sweet tea with no lemons (but a lot of ice!).

I should probably mention, like Sally, that Shelly does allow them to put the pickle "on the side," but she doesn't eat it. She gives it to her mom. But she wants her mom to make sure no pickle juice is left near her sandwich. ;)

I, of course, ordered the Chicken Pesto Sandwich with chips, pickle and a large Diet Coke.


It was bite after bite of yummy pesto chicken goodness.

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my chin.

The movie that we chose to see was Nights in Rodanthe with Richard Gere and Diane Lane.


It was a very sweet, romantic, and touching movie.


I loved it. I am a huge Diane Lane fan, and I should probably just come clean and admit that it doesn't hurt my feelings one bit to gawk at Richard Gere for an hour and a half either.


I'm just saying is all.

Well, as you probably already know, no post of me going out into the real world would be complete without me mentioning something about public restrooms. And after the last time we were at this movie theater, we were all a little hesitant to have to use the facilities there. But one large Diet Coke and two large sweet teas later, we could not avoid them.

So, instead of choosing the broken down restroom like we did the last time we were there, this time we chose the big restroom. There are at least twenty bathroom stalls in the big one, so we felt pretty confident that we could find one that worked and had an actual locking door.

When we entered, there was one "Out of Order" toilet, but there were at least nineteen other working ones, so we were cool.

Then, out of the nineteen or so stalls there were to choose from, in true blogger fashion, I managed to go into the one bathroom stall that had "writing on the wall stall."

Usually, bathroom words are not very wise, but in this case, they were surprisingly wise and witty.

Take a look.

"I don't care who you are, what you are doing, just do me a favor.....Smile at someone & tell someone you love them....After you leave the toilet though."

I love you, Shelly ! (I said smiling as I left the toilet.) ;)


You just cannot make this stuff up.

27 comments: said...

that's funny! I could easily drool over Richard Gere too - yummy!!!!!!!!!
Mom :)

Tracey said...

I would love to see that movie!!! I think we're going in a week or so.

Tracey said...

Ps...just saw PASTER PAUL'S it ok to say that he is HOT!!! Don't post this if it's poor taste!!

Dianne said...

Your food all looks great. And I would be intersted to know more about the movie.

To answer your question, I actually cant remember what it was that I thought was so funny, but I do remember the odd looks except for the one person who thought it was amusing.


Actually that happens to me allot, I just break into laughter for no apperent reason and get strange looks.

I really am quite amazed to see that bad bathroom luck seems to follow you around like a lost puppy. But at least that person said something nice and constructive instead of "call Ross for good time" or something.

Hope you are feeling better and that the homefront is running smoothly.

Oh and I promise not to set anything on fire when I come and visit, scouts honour.


Mari said...

I want to come hang out with you, Shelly and her mom. Y'all eat good nad see good movies!

Michele said...

Oh that food looks so yummy! Of course I haven't eaten yet today and now I am really hungry!
This is the second day in a row that someone has mentioned this movie. Hadn't heard of it until yesterday. It sounds good!

Michele said...

Oh that food looks so yummy! Of course I haven't eaten yet today and now I am really hungry!
This is the second day in a row that someone has mentioned this movie. Hadn't heard of it until yesterday. It sounds good!

Mia said...

Okay you all are having just too much fun down there in Crazyville! Now stop it! No really don't I love to see the posts that come from your movie outings!!
Love all your side bar links,nice job!

Gina said...

Sounds like so much fun!! When I come an visit you in Crazyville I want to go to McAllister's and have a chicken pesto sandwich and a large diet coke. :)

God bless,

Weeksie50 said...

I love McAlisters.. We don't have one here : /

I also loved Nights in Rodanthe. It was so very sad though..

lol- @ the writing on the stall.. to funny..

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

I loooove Mcalisters. Why did you have to go and post all of those deilghtfully wonderful sandwiches for me to drool over?! You are a cruel indvidual. Yet I can't help but love ya!

Denise said...

What fun! I have not seen this movie yet but would really love to. I, too, and a big Diane Lane fan. Did you see Untraceable? Scary!
Have a great day.


Nikowa said...

Glad someone can go out in public with the camera & not get threatened!

You SO have to tell me about the movie & that is a great bathroom quote :)

Kysha said...

Man, I'm over here starving on this diet and now I have to eat something. Anything! Catch a later. LOL!

Kenny said...

Lunch looked great. Now I want some. As always the bathrooms are funny to me. My fear is that all the Oneie's will have been moved in Orlando.

janjanmom said...

The's been so long since the summer $1 movies. Must go on date with my hubby soon!!

Crystal said...

Fun post! Now I want McAlister's for dinner! The bathroom writing is actually really cool.

Madeline said...

Sounds like a fun and funny day! I haven't heard of that movie, but it sounds good. Love the bathroom grafiti!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I thought that was funny how the words got smaller and smaller. I could read everything but the last sentence---after you leave the toilet though.

I'm so happy you were able to have a day out with some gal pals eatin' and watchin' a chick flick.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said...

I saw that movie yesterday and I hated it!! They compared it to "PS I Love You" and "The Notebook". Blah! Love stories do not end that way.

But they made a cute couple didn't they? Hummm....

Blessing as I thank God I have my husband to love!

In His Graces~Pamela

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

I am starving right now becuase of all those food pictures...

Sounds like another great afternoon...I so want to see this movie...I love D Lane...she has always been a fav!!

Have a great night!


PS....That bathroom stall was hysterical...only you would pick the one with the poem!

Chris and Wanda said...

I am so glad that you had fun but I wish it were me and you instead. . .I miss you so much. Hope you are well and that your mom and dad are doing better, too. Tell everyone I said Hi please.

Love always, Wanda

Smiling Shelly said...

Tee-Hee!! I had so much fun watching this movie with you and mom. You must know that together there will ALWAYS be a bathroom story ;)

Can't wait to see the next one with you :)


Laura said...

You wild and crazy gals! When we were in New York, we walked right past a long line of ladies trailing around the block. I was curious what they were waiting for. Would you believe the line led right up to the bookstore door, and all of those ladies were holding copies of Nights in Rodanthe, or the Notebook, or the Wedding! I didn't see him, but me suspects Nicholas Sparks was in the house! It looks like a great chick flick! and the restroom philosophy was too good.
Hope things are going well with you and yours! you're always in my prayers, Amy!

diane said...

I enjoy reading about your outings.Some people are funny how they have to alter the menu. Bill does that and then ends up getting the wrong thing. McAllisters looks great. I haven't seen any here. I'm drooling right now. Public toilets..ha ha We had a laugh in Switzerland where Bill went to a public toilet and he had to pay one Franc to use the urinal or two Francs to use a stall.
Hope you get this far down to read my comment Mrs Popular.

Tricia said...

cried my eyes out at that darn movie!!! and richard gere is pretty easy on the eyes!!

My Goodness said...

I love it! What a great day...good food, good friends...probably a good movie, but I wouldn't know...and a message in the potty that didn't require censoring! Fantastic day!