Monday, January 19, 2009

Grilling Goodness With Tina And Friends~ 14


It's that time again...Time for some more "Grilling Goodness." If you would like to join in all of the fun, just click here. Tina would love to have you all participate!

Now, on to the grilling.....

1. Do you like scary movies?

Very much! Scary, suspenseful type movies though, not gory! I like to be on the edge of my seat, but I do not enjoy blood bath type movies. They make my stomach sick.
Here's a preview of one that I really love. It's creepy......


2. What kind of cell phone do you have?

Compared to all of the new fancy phones that everyone else is carrying these days, my cell phone is very similar to a World War II walkie talkie.

I'm just saying.

3. Do you have a passport?

Yes, I do. I had to get one to go to the Mediterranean with Melissa. And thankfully, it has a much better picture of me than my driver's license does. But that is for another embarrassing post.

4. Has anything sad happened in your life this week?

Not this week. Thank You, Jesus!

5. Have you ever broken any bones?

Although I apparently tried many times throughout my childhood (my parents even nicknamed me "The Emergency Room Kid," because I always seemed to end up there), I never broke any bones.

Okay, well that's not entirely true, but let's just keep this between us, Mmmkay?

I did fall this one time and sort of fractured my tail bone when I was about 10 or so. (I try not to think about it, because even at that young age, it was very humiliating to have an x-ray of my bottom on display for the entire emergency room department to gawk at. But I digress.) I had to sit on a pillow for quite a while after the fall, until my tailbone healed.

It still bothers me even now that I am almost 40 older. When the weather changes, it really hurts. I have even been to known to predict the occasional snowfall. Shannon likes to tease me about it. He calls my weather prediction ability: Rectal Radar. LOL!

You know what, let's just forget that I even mentioned this, okay? Thanks!

6. Did you do anything this week that you don't normally do?

No. All I did was light house work followed by five to six hours a day of bed rest (with good hair). But I am very pleased to tell you that I only have one more week of bed rest to go, and then, God willing, I will be back to normal! Yay, me!

7. What's the worst thing you ever had in your wardrobe?

As the tens of you who read this blog already know, I have had many fashion and hair related mishaps over the years.

But the only one that I can recall off the top of my head (and that I have photographic evidence of) was my snazzy Hee Haw overalls.

It was apparent from early on in my life that being remotely fashionable was going to be a struggle for me.

8. Did you have braces on your teeth?

Yes, I did have to wear braces on my teeth. I wore them for two and half long, long, long emotionally painful years.


Every time I see that picture of me, it makes me think of Josie Geller.

Bless both of our hearts.

The teenage years were painful.


Mia said...

You and Josie Gellar...look at how you both turned out!! WOWZA!!!

Nikowa@KHA said...

I agree with Mia...

hulagirlatheart said...

Yay for (almost) no more bed rest! Did you ever think those overalls would give you so much blog material?

Gina said...

Okay I like scary movies and all, but that movie looks way too creepy!! ((Shudder)) I had braces for about 3 years too, so I feel your pain.

I'm sorry about your tailbone. Tell Shannon I got a good laugh from the "Rectal Radar" comment. :)

I hope you have a great week my friend. I will pray that it is your last week of bed rest.

God bless,

My Goodness said...

1. Why oh WHY did I even watch that movie trailer!? I DON'T like that stuff!! LOL

4. Praise God! :)

5. Oh my...LOL...rectal radar. Shannon, you're crazy!!

8. funny. Did you have a pink metallic dress as well??

I hope you have a great week! :)

much2ponder said...

Good morning Amy...I must say I have a picture of myself at around the same age as the one you post here. Same hair cut and everything. Teen years were hard on us all. I agree. Thanks for yet another informative post and making me smile on the beautiful Monday morning.

As for the bed rest, WOW! 6 hours a day still? How are you holding up woman? I would find that extremely difficult. I have to had it to you for doing as you were told. I hope all is well by the end of the week. What on earth are you doing to stay busy? I mean besides fixing your beautiful hair. If you have not read the book, "The Shack" may I recommend it? It is good reading and thought provoking. Keep us posted on your progress regarding your back and foot:)

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Amen to the teenage years...they are all painful, I think.
P said...

That was funny! You have such a wonderful sense of humor!!!!
Makes my day - now I shall expect more of the same tomorrow! :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

a brave woman to share that picture, although you wore your teenage years much better than me. I should really dig mine out for a post sometime.

Happy Monday. Get some rest this week and then get busy!


valerie said...

I used to be able to watch suspenseful movies and it's so hard for me now. Recently I was watching "Misery" and it was about to kill me and I had seen it before. I knew how it would end, but it didn't matter. I can take blood better than suspense. ;)

I had braces when I was an my 10 year class reunion to be exact!!! awwwww

And a couple of years ago I got a smaller phone. One evening at youth group this teenager used my (old, large) phone to call his parents and he said, "Man...this is big!" I think I called later that week to get a new one. :) I got a new one free....heck, I'd had the old one forever.

Have a good day, Amy.

Cheffie-Mom said...

These pictures are great! You are a cutie - with and without the braces. (: Have a wonderful week.

Ellie said...

you are so funny! ha! i know! i have braces and wooo!!! they are a doozy, to be put in an odd way.

Pleasant Drive said...

Love these posts! Man, braces have come a LONG way, haven't they? I don't think you looked so bad, though.

Michelle said...

Okay, firstly, NO scary movies for me (I didn't even watch the clip LOL). I'm more of a comedy & romance kinda gal ;)

Secondly, the rectal radar was TOO funny. Unfortunately for me I was drinking my coffee while reading it...nothing quite like coffee stained pj's huh?!

Thirdly, girl, the "overalls" you *didn't*! And for the record, I was a braces teen too and just look at our teeth now ;) :)

Have a blessed day!

Smiling Shelly said...

1. Yeah, I watched that movie (I know, shocking, huh?). That was a weird one, wasn't it?? Did you figure it out??

2. LOL! You may need a bigger purse lugging around that big old thing.

3. Well, at least the picture was good. :)

4. AMEN, Sister!!

5. I completely feel your pain on that tailbone thing. And LOL! @ Shannon - sort of ;)

6. I'm so glad that you are following through on this bed rest thing (with good hair, of course.) I sure hope it helps!

7. LOL!! I started to tell about my quilt patch clothes that my mother made for me when I was younger but for the most part I've been able to block those painful memories out. ;)

8. OMG!! You looked JUST LIKE HER!!! Too bad that movie wasn't out when you were growing up - at least you would have known there was hope ;) Looks like both of you got the guy in the end too. ;)

Take care. I'll try to give you a call on my way in tomorrow.

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

I didn't even click on that movie clip...I knew I'd probably scream. It seems that I am easily startled in my old age.

I'm so happy for you that you are almost done with the bedrest thing. I'm sure you are ready for things to return to normal.

Denise said...

Amy, you funny, funny woman! I'm laughing at all of your great answers. HeeHaw overalls - I love them! I didn't have those but I had Speck Rhodes shoes. You are probably too young to know Speck Rhodes but trust me - shoes like his were something to see. And, Josie Geller - I forgot about her -ha ha ha. What fun I'm having today!

Liz said...

For the record, I think that little Hee Haw outfit was adorable. :)

Laura said...

I almost peed my pants watching that movie trailer. If I have nightmares I'm going to haunt your blog in the wee hours of the morning...

Kenny said...

OK, take it easy when you come off bed rest. I don't want to find out you are swinging from the chandeliers. You may break your butt bone again and the who know what you will be able to predict then.

Nishant said...

i know! i have braces and wooo!!! they are a doozy, to be put in an odd way.
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