Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Bucket List

Shannon and I recently watched a movie called "The Bucket List."
It is one of the most touching movies that we have seen in a long time.
Of course, we are both partial to any movie starring Morgan Freeman; he is, in our opinions, an amazing actor.

The movie is about making a "Bucket List." That is a list of things to do before you die,or in other words, "kick the bucket!"

This movie really spoke volumes to Shannon and me. We both realized just how important it is to live out our "Bucket List" dreams every day. Starting on our lists now, not later.

Just like the characters in the movie, all of our lists would be different.
But each day is full of "Bucket List" items to cross off, if we would just recognize them.

Anyway, if you love movies (and Morgan Freeman) as much as Shannon and I do, we both want to encourage you to see this one. As you watch it, make your own list. Realize how many "precious" things you have already witnessed in your life, and start today recognizing all the beauty God has placed around you. Live each day to find joy in your life.

There is a quote from the movie "Titanic", that we both love. It goes along so well with the message of "The Bucket List."

"I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You never know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you... to make each day count." ~ Jack Dawson

Here is a trailer for the movie that we found on You Tube.
We hope you enjoy it.

Ecclesiastes 3:12
I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live.


Sandra said...

That was EXCELLENT!!!!! I can't wait to watch this movie! :)

Mama Mia said...

this one is on my "to see" list. Since my daughter started working at the movie rental place we have been watching more movies!!!

Beandip71 said...

I remember seeing the previews for this movie when it came out. I will have to check it out when it comes on video. Thanks for the review.


MrsJoeB said...

Sounds like a good "date night" with my husband. We love to get away or lie in bed and plan, talk and dream. And we are good about making the things we talk about happen too. It also helps me when I am wanting to do something for him special-such as buying a gift related to something he has mentioned in one of our long talks. I look forward to this movie!!
I had my husband watch the movie "Away Form Her" when we went to the log cabin for our anniversary this past March. The first time I saw it alone and I cried like a little baby. There were tears again for both of us as we watched it together but we also talked about end of life issues and what we wanted from each other and for each other if one of us end up with Alzheimers disease.
You are a blessing!
In His Graces~Pamela

My Goodness said...

Haven't seen it yet, but I'll put it on my Blockbuster list. :)

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

I am already on the waiting list at the library for Evan Almighty and now I am putting this movie on my must see list (bucket list?) as well. I will just keep visiting you whenever I need a movie recommendation!

Joyful said...

Thanks for the movie recommendation. It sounds great. I always feel lost going into a movie rental store if I don't have a title in mind - so hard to know what is good. Sounds like it has a great message too!
Have a great weekend,

Tracy Berta-daughter to the King, wife, mother, speaker, writer said...

Great reminder! Thanks!

Jamie said...

I hubby and I enjoyed that movie too!

Pam Riley said...

What a blessing to visit your blog! My husband and I will make this movie a date night!
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

I love Mr. Freeman too. He's a southerner too! LOL I'm going try to see this one. Thanks!

The Boyds Family said...

Mom and I both really enjoyed this movie too.