Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi, My Name Is Amy.

I have a confession to make to you. I have developed a little problem. What may be even more troubling than the problem itself, is that I don't want to quit having this problem.

Let me explain.

Several of my bloggin' buddies have mentioned a website called The Pioneer Woman. And since I'm not one who likes to be left out of all the fun, I thought I'd go and see what this pioneer woman was all about. I should of listened to my friend Amy when she admitted she had a problem.

You would think that I would have reached a point in my life, by now, to realize that I should learn from other people's mistakes experiences.

You would be wrong.

After hearing so much about her I thought to myself, what is the harm in just looking?

Oh. My. Gosh. (Amy's exact response to Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls.)

It's hard for me to even say this out loud, but there is just no turning back for me now.

She is amazing!

She can cook. And I don't mean "regular" cooking; I mean she can help you make a dinner that will get you a marriage proposal. (I'm just saying.)

She can take beautiful pictures with her camera, and photo shop them better than any professional.

She is married to a devastatingly handsome cowboy and has four kids (she calls them punks).

She has a wonderful sense of humor. (The laugh out loud kind.)

But that's not all.........She can also write, and I'm not talking about just your regular blob blog here.

I'm talking about romance. (Sigh.)

Real life, out in the country, honest to goodness, heart pounding, cowboy kissing romance. (Sigh again.)

It's her account of how she and her husband met and fell in love. (I need a tall, cold glass of water just thinking about it.)

So, if you are interested in reading her love story, just click here. It is titled "Black Heels To Tractor Wheels".

But I feel like I should warn you ahead of time, her story is addictive. I have read it all so far and I am now heavily lurking hanging out at her website constantly a little more than I probably should, just longing for her next chapter.

If, even after my warnings of developing a serious addiction potential problems, you decide to just take a look at her website for yourself, make sure you have plenty of time available. You will need it. (And a tall glass of ice water.)

Trust me on this.


Hi, my name is Amy. I am addicted to "Black Heels To Tractor Wheels". But I have been clean and sober now for the last ten minutes half-hour.
(Everyone now say, "Hi, Amy!")


Anonymous said...

A fellow hs bud just told me about her site and her wonderful cinnamon rolls also. She said that all of her husband's co-workers fight over those rolls each time she sends them with him.

amy said...

So far I have made her apple dumplings, her cinnamon rolls, her "mystery" rolls, her lasagna, her penne with shrimp dish, her chocolate sheet cake, and her husband's #1 and #2 favorite sandwiches. Each one of them is HIGHLY recommended! :)
My name is also Amy. And I also have a problem.

Michele said...

Oh I love The Pioneer Woman! I have her listed on my blog. I found her last year!