Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Inside The Actor's Blogger's Studio"

Today's post is a little different than my normally weird usual posts.

Today, in the manner of James Lipton, I am hosting an online blog interview, and I am extremely pleased to welcome a very special guest.

No, I'm not interviewing Robert Redford. (But could you please pray about that for me? Thanks!)

I will be asking this special guest a "few" James Lipton type questions, but I changed them up a bit, and added seven a few more of my own.

So now, I would like to introduce you to an amazing woman that I have had the privilege to get to know in this big, blogging world of ours.

Let me start by sharing with you, my first encounter with this incredible blogging woman.

The first time that I met this lovely lady, she was hanging out in her home, and she was just "keeping it real" as some folks like to say.....Click here to take a peek.

The moment that I read her "Okay Let's Get Real!!!" post, I started stalking her I knew that we had to have been separated at birth.

(My mom is now going through the rigorous process of trying to adopt her.)

So ladies and gentlemen (Hi, Shannon), it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you today, Mia.

Or as we bloggers like to call her, Mama Mia.

(Thunderous applause accompanied with a standing ovation!)

Welcome, Mia. I'm honored to have you as a guest on my blog post today.

Mia, since I know that you are a very busy woman, I will get right to the questions.

1. What is your favorite word? I have a lot, but the 1st and best is "heaven," then nostalgia, butter cream, and understand.

2. What is your least favorite word? Boring, (I tell my kids only boring people get bored). Hate and duh are other ones that I can't stand.

3. What makes you laugh out loud? My friend Janice and my brother, I guess that should be "who" makes me laugh out loud.

4. What makes you cry? Thinking of all the people I have lost, and whenever I hear of abuse of any child, elderly person or animal.

5. What is your favorite "country" word or phrase? "Independent as a hog on ice," and "I'm fixin' to go to town."

6. What sound or noise do you love? My favorite music (The Beatles), and when someone says "I love you."

7. What sound or noise do you hate? I hate when I hear someone blaspheme God.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? I would like to be an author of children's books.

9. What profession would you not like to attempt? I would not like being a nurse.

10. What profession have you attempted before that not many people know about? I was a hairdresser.

11. What is your favorite memory of being a mother? I worried over bringing my youngest two home to homeschool them. Several months after we had begun my youngest daughter and I were reading a great book together outside in the porch swing. I was just soaking in the moment and thinking how wonderful it was. My daughter looked up at me and said "You're thinking the same thing I am aren't you Mom? This homeschool thing is the best!!"

12. What is your most embarrassing memory of being a mother? I was a first time Mom, and I took my 4 month old daughter to get her picture made. She was dressed all in white and pink. The day before we had begun baby food spinach....well as soon as I set her on the picture stand, she got red faced, did a little push, and then filled her pants, shoes, socks and surroundings with poop!!! I felt like a terrible mother!

13. What does your husband do that gets on your nerves? He never, ever just sneezes once, if he starts sneezing it goes on FOREVER!

14. What does your husband do for you that makes your heart melt? He always makes sure everyone else's comfort, needs, and wants are taken care of before himself. Once in winter he ironed my socks so that when I put them on they would be warm and toasty!

15. If you could tell a complete stranger about what God has done in your life, what would you say? He has saved me from myself, given me purpose, amazing gifts (my children), and a future.

16. What is your favorite Bible verse and why? Revelation 21:4. This verse has been a huge comfort to me, but also a hope and something to look forward to.

17. Since we know that Heaven exists, what do you long to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? Welcome! Wait right here while I go get your Mom.

Mia, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule as a homeschooling, blogging wife, and mother of three to be with us today and answer all of these questions. I am honored to have had you as my very first guest on "Inside The Actor's Blogger's Studio."

(More thunderous applause accompanied with a standing ovation!)

And to all you other bloggers out there, if you would like to stalk learn more about Mia (like I always do) check her out at her blog called Mama Mia. You can also find out more about her life on her new recently launched photography project called Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days.

I hope that you will tune in again soon for another post of "Inside The Actor's Blogger's Studio." You may be my next victim guest!

I'm just warning you saying.


Sandra said...

Amy, that was great! I so loved Mia's answers too - especially the one when she arrives in heaven!! That brought tears to my eyes thinking of my precious Angel Mother being there as well!!!

And, I guess we need to hurry up the adoption process because I know Mia HAS to be part of the family!!! If you like Johnny Depp and the Beatles in the same paragraph - what can I say?
Love you, Mom! :)

Laura said...

That was a lot of fun, Amy, thanks for taking me along! you are a gifted interviewer (smile). of course, you know your audience well! you asked all the questions we are dying to know!

janjanmom said...

She mentioned me, I feel so almost famous!!!

Good interview! Thanks Amy and Mia!

TRACEY said...

LOve your blog!!!

Michele said...

Great interview! I love Mia and her blog!

The Laundress~JJ! said...

That was fun.

It was nice to meet Mia too...

Mama Mia said...

OH MY!! You all have just made my day! Thank you Amy. In case you all haven't noticed our Amy is a VERY gifted writer.
Well now that my "15 minutes of fame" are almost over I will waddle back to my blog hut and curl up with a good book and some Buggles. Love me some Buggles.....

My Goodness said...

That was fun!! Great idea...and great job!

Debbie said...

I loved this. Mama Mia is added to my friend list. It is such a joy to find other Christian woman and talk/vent/praise all of our daily trials and accomplishments. Thanks for the blog.

The Boyds Family said...

That was fun! Thanks for introducing us to Mia and letting us get to know more about her...Now I need to run over and check her out too. ;)