Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Crock Potting And Nail Painting

When I got up yesterday morning, I cruised around the Internet to take a look at all of my bloggin' buddies' posts for the morning......I love to start my day seeing what is happening in all of their lives.

However, I was a little disappointed when I found out that Kysha, at Love's School, wasn't posting her weekly menu.....See, I need love her menus. Sometimes I use them for my own family, and sometimes I invite my family over to her house for dinner. (Oh stop, that is not rude to do....she loves it.)

So, you can probably imagine how confused taken aback I was yesterday morning when I realized that I had to figure out something all by myself to feed my family for dinner on such short notice.

There were so many other things that I wanted needed to do yesterday, and I just simply was not prepared to come up with an edible a healthful meal for my family to eat.

After a minute much thought, I decided to go with something I could crock pot, baby! That's right...I put the crock pot her to work for me. That way, I could catch up on all my naps and teevee shows chores that needed to be done, because you know how busy Mondays can be.

This is a what our meal looked like before I fired up the crock pot.

(Yes that is a roast that you see hiding underneath all those potatoes and carrots. Mmmm, Mmmmmm.)

So after the crock pot was fired up, I started to tackle all my chores for the day.

There was so much that I wanted needed to do, but it was hard for me to decide where to start......

I finally realized that I would get much more accomplished if I felt good about myself, so I decided that before I tackled the mountains of dishes and laundry, that I would repaint my feet toenails for a little pick me up .

Don't tell anybody this, because it is very embarrassing to me, but when I paint my own toe nails, the polish seems to cover my feet gets all over my toes.....Does this ever happen to you?

(I feel like I should point out a couple of things about this picture before you start laughing at me get the wrong idea...1. My toes are really not that fat...remember, the camera adds ten pounds (even to toes). 2. Of course, those are not pajama pants you see me wearing, I always never lay around the house all day in my pajamas...Puh-Leeze!)

When I am done there is usually more polish on my feet than on my nails. It makes me feel like a five year old.

When I finish painting my feet toenails, I then have to spend thirty several minutes trying to get all the polish off of my feet with polish remover and a Q-Tip.

Like I told you yesterday, I just am never quite able to achieve the look I'm going for. It's a shame that I don't have a little girl. At least that way, when people gawked looked at my toes I could say, "Oh, my five year old daughter painted them for me, and I just didn't have the heart to fix change them, bless her sweet soul."

Anyway, I spent so much time painting my feet toe nails and taking a nap and watching teevee, that I barely had enough time to finish all my chores before our dinner was done.

Here is what our dinner looked like when the crock pot was finished doing its her magic.

I love my crock pot......she does exactly what I need her to do, and I don't have to hover over her all day to make sure that she does it. She is perfect to me.

The roast and vegetables were delicious.

Mmmm, Mmmmmm.

My family even ate loved it.

And this time, by family, I mean all of us. Shannon and I were so excited, we didn't even have to pay the boys to eat any of it an entire serving; they actually loved it. (I'm kidding. My boys rarely regularly eat what I cook, and we often would never pay them to eat their dinner.)

Don't judge.

Here is what all of our dishes looked like after we finished eating.....

Okay, well maybe this dish had already been through the dishwasher by the time I took this picture, but you get the point.

By the way, Kysha, if you're reading this, we will be needing a table for four next week on "Taco Night"....I'm just saying.:)


Mama Mia said...

Oh Amy stop! you are killing me!! Kysha when am I coming over for dinner?
The crockpot meal looks delicious. We all know that stay at home, homeschool moms lay around all day with their pj's on and paint all over their toes.....

Anonymous said...

Amy, you are hilarious! BTW, my polish looks like yours too before the q-tip treatment and I actually have fat toes. You'd think that wouldn't happen with fat toes. Heehee. Your roast looked yummy! See, you made dinner without me! I read your comment on Mia's blog and notice you were born in Memphis. I'm a native Memphian also! I was born in the north but I grew up here in the south. I knew we were two nuts from the same tree. Ha!

The Laundress~JJ! said...

You 'crock' me up lady!

Michele said...

You really are funny! I am so tempted to say, crack pot, but I'm not sure that would be nice! :)
For toe nails like yours and MINE, I have this nifty little pen that has nail polish remover in it. Works like a charm!

Jenny said...

That was to funny! My toenails look like yours too!

Have a great evening~

Kelley at Aroma of Joy said...

YUM!! I just told my husband dinner is in his court tonight (the grill) because I am too busy getting myself psyched up for this teaching lecture I am doing tomorrow. I don't think he is too happy with me. Oh, and I need to get my toes (I mean toenails) painted tonight. Thanks for the reminder!!

My Goodness said...

If your toes are fat...well...mine need to be on Weight Watchers!!

Cute post...LOVE roast!!

So I'm inviting myself to dinner with you!

Dianne said...

Thank you! Now I finally know what a crock pot is! In the words of Rachel Ray - YUMMO!