Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Loaf of Bread

I grew up watching Sesame Street. My best friend Tracy and I rarely missed an episode, but one segment stands out in both of our memories more than any other. It's the one where the little girl goes to the store for her mother. She repeats the list of things her mother needs as she's walking to the store.

Even now, over thirty years later, Tracy and I will repeat the list when we are talking about things we need from the store.

When I met my friend Wanda a couple of years ago, somehow we started talking about Sesame Street. This clip was one of her favorites as well. It's so funny to me the things that stick in our minds from childhood. This is one of those things.

So, if you're too young to remember much about Sesame Street, this clip probably won't mean anything to you. But, if you're old my age, as soon as you see it you will start saying out loud, "A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of budda!"

Tracy and Wanda this is for you!:)


Chris and Wanda said...

Hi Amy!

I love you so much and miss you so much! Sorry I haven't posted lately; have been very sick with fever.

I'll check back in a few days and write something more witty!

Your forever friend, Wanda

lizbeth5612 said...

This brings back memories. I loved it also. I love your blog, so creative.


The Laundress~JJ! said...

I STILL recite that when I go to the grocery store...How funny...

My You Tube account has Sesame Street and Electric Company all favorited on there....That is too much.