Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Today is VD Crazy Aunt Purl calls it.:)
My husband gave me a very funny card ( I prefer funny to poetic).
It has a picture of this old, old, old, depression era couple on it. They look exactly how I feel after trying to figure out this blog all yesterday afternoon.:)
I hope, for my husband's sake, that we do not actually look like that in our all too near future.

I love all of the Valentine merchandise that you see in the stores right now. Red and pink hearts EVERYTHING! I was thisclose to buying a heart shaped chip and dip bowl last weekend. I was able to control myself and put it back on the shelf, but it was very cute! There was also a darling pet food and water dish set that was yummy! I really think Allie needed it, but I was able to put it back on the shelf too. Maybe I'm crazy it's just me, but I love seeing the aisles full of pink and red. It makes me smile.:)

It's weird how we put so much emphasis on this one day every year for people to buy our love show us how much we mean to them. I would rather have 364 days of love than one day of cards and chocolate.

Friends will call you and ask you what you got for Valentine's and as sure as you say , "A card."......You can hear this sigh...."Oh, your husband must not love you as much as mine loves me well I only got a dozen roses and a diamond tennis bracelet myself....But a 'card' is nice too.".....Whatever.

I'll keep my card and a husband who loves me all year long!:)
Happy Valentine's Day, Shannon!

Since it's Valentine's Day here is one of my favorite romantic movie scenes. Enjoy!:)


Chris and Wanda said...

Hey, I meant to leave the email as a post instead of a private email.

Can you post it for me since I lost the contents? Sorry!

Amy said...

Hey Amy! Love the blog! I "just" got a card for Valentine's Day, too, but also some roses and white chocolates. I was impressed that my man even went out to get it after just having a baby. Oh BTW Bella was "manufactured" during the movie The Wedding Singer. TMI?! Love you!