Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Celebrity Look-a-Likes

I am a big fan of Myspace. Shannon and I both made pages so that we could see what our kids were doing, and in the process found out that we really liked it.
I have several friends on Myspace that have these Celebrity Look-a-Like pictures. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and it scans your face and finds the celebrities that it thinks you look like....Sounds easy enough, right?

All of my friends that had one were matched to all kinds of women. So..... I couldn't wait to see what celebrity "women" I would look like.:)..... Imagine my surprise when my results came back. See below.

I thought surely there must have been some mistake....so I tried it again.

And again.....

I tried not to take it too personally. I felt sure there must be some computer error. So, once again, I tried uploading a different picture. I was just sure this time I would be much more successful in being told that I do in fact look more like a woman than a man.....I was wrong.

Since I am not one who gives up very easily, I thought surely the "fifth" time would be the charm.......

After doing this, I realized I apparently have been in complete denial about my "masculine" qualities.
Humbling.....I guess I could look on the bright side. Maybe I could be a "Royal" impersonator, play "The Rock's" long lost twin in a blockbuster action movie, or star in a movie about the life of Jake Gyllenhaal. But could someone please tell me, who in the world is Marshall McLuhan?.... Whatever!:)......

Okay, who am I kidding.... you know I tried again.....now I'm officially giving up!

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