Sunday, February 17, 2008

Twelve Year Old's Retreat Update

We picked our son up from his weekend retreat after church today.
The weather turned out to be warmer than forecasted, so all his fingers are still attached. His hair is also still looking fine!:)

We asked him if he had fun, and he said, "Yes".
We asked him if the food was good and he said, "Yes".
We asked him several other questions, all of which we received one word answers.....:)

Then he perked up and said, "Oh yeah, a kid in my cabin snored so loud! It was louder than Nigh-Nigh!(Nigh-Nigh is what the boys call my dad.) He sounded like a beast! It was so awful! None of us could go to sleep!":)

It is so funny to me what boys take out of an experience. If you asked a girl the same questions you would get answers in the form of paragraphs, not one syllable words.:) And someone's loud snoring would probably not be the most exciting event that they wanted to share with their family. I'm glad he had fun. When I told my dad what he said, he laughed out loud, and said that he was glad to know someone out there snores louder than he does.:)....My mom is not so sure about that though!:)

You will also be glad to know, the fifteen steps long haul from the cabin back to the car with the sleeping bag and pillow went okay, even without the help of a sherpa.:)

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