Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Southern Spelling

Living in the south comes with some challenges. The summertime heat, humidity, and fireants to name a few.
When Matthew was learning to spell, I discovered a "new" challenge. Our accents. Pronouncing words in the south and spelling words in the south are two entirely different thangs.

We encountered this problem when he was in the first grade.
I was grading a spelling test he had just taken and he missed the word thing.
I was surprised because he was a strong speller right from the start and thing was not a hard word for him.

I showed the mistake to him and he looked at me very confused, and then he said, "Yes, ma'am it is spelled right. You said thang, and I spelled
it T H A N G...thang!"

It was at that moment I realized I had officially become a Hillbilly!:)

Well, now it's time to say goodbye to Amy and all her kin
She would like to thank you folks for kindly droppin' in
You're all invited back again to this locality
To have a heapin' helpin' of her hospitality
Hillbilly, that is, set a spell, take your shoes off

Y'all come back now, hear?


Wanda said...

And you can't spell! It is spelled "right" not "write."! I always try to use the word "correct" to avoid the mistake myself.

Sorry, just couldn't help pickin' on you! You know I love you, write? ;-) Wanda

Dianne said...

This was so interesting, funny how you get a picture of how someone sounds. I would have never guessed you would sound southern, even after you told me where you grew up. Let me just say, most of the SA accents portrayed in the moves are really really bad impressions of what we actually sound like. Apparently I sound like my mom just more nasal.