Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Last Night's Dinner

After the fun-filled weekend of PMS, I decided I should probably do something nice for Shannon.
So, last night I used several ingredients from our last Angel Food order to make him a delicious dinner. (Those were his words, not mine.)

In a previous post I talked about Angel Food Ministries.

This ministry has been such a blessing to my family. Let me tell you what I cooked last night.

I used black eyed peas, onion, and pork chops from our menu order. I only had to add a bell pepper, basic seasonings, and brown rice to make a complete meal.

I put the (pre-soaked) black eyed peas, onion, bell pepper, several seasonings, and (already baked and shredded) pork chops in the crock pot, and left them on "low" all day. I served this over brown rice. Shannon loves Tabasco sauce, so we each put a little dash of it on our plates as well.

It was yummy, and Shannon loved it! (That made me feel like a very good wife!)

If you order from Angel Food Ministries and have any recipe suggestions, I would love to hear them. We are always trying to figure out new recipes for the ingredients we get each month.

If you have not heard of Angel Food Ministries and are interested in finding out more, just click on the links above.
My family and I are so thankful to God for providing us with this ministry.

Psalm 100:4
Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give
thanks to him and praise his name.


Michele said...

Oooh that sounds yummy!
I had checked into Angel Food Ministries at one time and there was none in our area. I checked again after finding your blog and I see there is now one about 30 minutes from us. We may give it a try. Thanks for the reminder.

Mama Mia said...

We are waiting for our first order at the end of this month. This recipe looks much like the "Hoppin' John" that I make from time to time. Yummy!!!My dh is Filipino so we KNOW our rice! : )

Amy said...

It's a lot like "Hoppin John", Mia.
When you get your order let me know how you like it.:)

Chris and Wanda said...

Hi Amy!

I found a website www.eatangelfood.com which is a menu service (which means there is a cost) but maybe worth looking into.

Hope this helps. Miss you much!


Sam said...

I work at Angel Food Ministries, and wanted to let you know that we are rolling out a new website which will include recipe post. I love the "Hoppin' John" recipe you have here. Once this is ready, we would welcome you to post this, and any other recipes on our website for others to use.


Amy said...

Thanks, Sam. That sounds like a great idea!:)

spring_parsons said...

Ok, ignore my comment on the cow pie, THIS is the one you were telling me about from Angel Food Ministries that the employee commented about; I've never heard of Hoppin John but now I want to eat it!