Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Purse

I am writing today in response to Mama Mia's post about her purse. Like Mama Mia, I love purses. I haven't counted how many I have in my closet right now, but Shannon thinks I have a purse problem.

The picture you see is the purse I am using now. I looooove it. Shannon bought it for me for Christmas. I originally looked at a much smaller one, but Shannon reminded me that I needed to be realistic. He was right of course.

See, some of you might not know this, but I have some issues.
That being said, I carry a lot of stuff in my purse. Much like Hulagirl , my bag has a lot of crap useful things in it. At all times.

Many people have made fun of me about all the crap items in my purse, but you should know that I am the first person those same people come to when they need something......such as......well, I'll just show you.

You learn a lot about yourself when you dump the entire contents of your purse on the kitchen table.

1. I have way too many pens in my purse. I think I get that problem from my mom.
No wonder we can never find a pen in the house; they are all in my purse.

2. I may have a few too many lipsticks as well. I'm not sure what that is
about, but I should probably ask Dr. Phil.

3. Three packages of Trident White chewing gum may seem a bit much to some people, but I like to have fresh breath and white teeth. A lot.

4. I apparently am saving trash.

5. I don't even know where that little mint came from.

6. The Clif Bar is in my purse, you know, just in case.

7. The tweezers I have to have with me at all times. As a matter of fact, I also have tweezers in my living room, my bathroom, and my car. I am constantly amazed by my ability to practically grow a full goatee in the time that it takes me to walk from the house to the car.

8. The hand sanitizer is for my son, Daniel. We never leave home without it.

9. The Charmin travel roll that you see I also keep at all times. See, I have a gift. Not everybody has this gift, but I have been blessed with it. I have the ability to always go to the public bathroom stall that does not even have a square to spare of toilet paper. It is amazing to me that they put cheese wheel size rolls of toilet paper in public restrooms, but I always manage to enter the stall that does not have any paper left!....Like I said, it is a gift.

10. No wonder my back hurts.

I could keep going, but I think you probably get the idea.
Like Hulagirl, the only thing you will not find in my purse at all times is money.

So, what's in your wallet purse?


Mama Mia said...

I am SO bummed! When I came to your blog to see your purse all I get is a little red x. My curiosity is killing me!!!

Mama Mia said...

I see it now!!! Thats my fav kind, quilted it. I can't believe you got all that in there!!
You are a sweetie for reposting :)

hulagirlatheart said...

So funny! My mini toilet paper roll is in the glove box in my car. God bless your courage in actually SHOWING the contents of your purse. I'm not that brave. And thanks for stopping by my blog.

Michele said...

Hi, I found your blog via Mia's blog! I love your purse! I have way too much in my purse. I may have to borrow this idea for my blog! :-)

Dianne said...

I'll do a post about it, have a look sometime.