Sunday, May 4, 2008

Distractions And Yardwork

Saturday I decided that I should go outside and help Shannon with some of the yard work that needed to be done.

So, I went into our bedroom to get my shoes and socks, only to find all of this cuteness going on.

Who could think about yard work at a time like this?.........

Once I was able to tear myself away from all of that cuteness, I made my way outside to get the lawnmower started, only to find myself distracted again.

I'm sorry, where was I?.....Oh, yes, the lawnmower.

Yes, it runs as bad as it looks.

You may or may not be wondering, with two teenage boys in the house, why would I need to cut the grass.......I have complained about wondered that myself, but there is a perfectly ridiculous reasonable explanation.

Matthew has severe allergy and sinus problems; so much so that he can get a sinus infection just taking out the trash.
And Daniel is more than willing to cut the grass, but he tends to miss most of the yard a few spots.

So, sometimes it simply looks better is just easier if Shannon and I do it.

After cranking the lawnmower, I got a lot of the yard covered pretty quickly, until I saw this creepy, disgusting little thing staring at me (shudder).

And then I saw its creepy, disgusting little back (shudder again).

Is it just me, or does this creepy, disgusting little thing look like he is making an obscene finger gesture at me?........

Once I was finally able to focus......

I did a pretty nice job on the yard, if I do say so myself.

I will admit though, it was definitely difficult with all of these distractions.


The Laundress~JJ! said...

You are too funny.

I'd have a hard time with those distractions too...

When I was a little girl, I lived in South Jersey. We had a huge front and back yard and we had a ride-on lawn mower to cover all the ground...Well, my dad, one day after a big rain storm decided to go out and mow the lawn....Frogs come out after big rainstorms....Holy crap, you should've seen all the severed up frog carcasses we found...Gah, I shudder just thinking about it.

He felt horrible for the frogs, d'ya think he thought about the trauma induced upon his only daughter????

Sandra said...

That's funny!!! I'll have to admit that my "grand-dog" is the cutest one ever!!! Love you baby girl - you start my day off with a laugh every day!!! Mom :)

valerie said...

You are the funniest thing!
I can see why you had a difficult time getting started with yard work. he he
You did a great job, by the way.
My husband mows and does the weed eating. On occasion I remember to water the few plants that I have.
The other night we went to Lowe's to get some items and I told him I needed some new flower pots to replace last years. He made a little face and said " you can forget to water them....", I'm determined more than ever to water those lovely flowers every single day!
While he was mowing I raked all of the fall leaves out of our flower beds. He kept saying...."now, you're not raking mulch out of there are you?" NO...I really did rake two bags of leaves.
The yard looked so nice when were were done. I should have taken a picture of him though. It was too cute. He was trying to get it all done and it was getting dark.
Thanks for the comment about the breakfast pizza. It really is a good recipe.
Have a great Sunday, yourself!
Love ya,

Mama Mia said...

you are truly gifted! anyone that can manage to put together a frog, lawn mower, a kiss, husband's bum and get him to pose shirtless all in the SAME POST is my hero!!!!

SweetPea said...

How sweet and adorable...your kiss with hubby. Your husband is attractive much like mine. He has dark skin and dark hair like my Chris. I just stared at your embrace and pondered on similar embraces with my love.

I will be replying to your email hopefully today. I need to gather my thoughts so I don't ramble too much.

I can't believe how much your pictures have touched me emotionally. I long to feel my love's embrace.

Oh, it's unfortunate your sons can't help but there's is something wonderful to be said about a couple who does yard work together. Chris and I enjoyed that together.

Is that a Toyota Matrix? I came close to getting one then we decided on a Honda CRV.


Amy said...

Shannon's car is a Nissan Versa. I think last year was their first year to be sold in America.....I tease him that he looks like Jason Bourne driving it.....:)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

For heaven's sake! I'm distracted now...

Must go find hubby...must tell him to keep his shirt on, just in case our 80 year old neighbor is out on the prowl.


Beandip71 said...

LOL! You crack me up! Your yard is absolutely beautiful. :)

Kysha said...

LOL! Well, distractions and all, you did a great job. I use to love cutting the grass but my dc grew up and now I enjoy watching them. Ha! Works up a sweat, ya know. :)

Jamie said...

Your posts always make me smile! Your yard looks great...glad you got the job done despite all those distractions.

Wanda said...

Amy, you are soooo funny! And I have been having similar distractions with my man lately (good distraction, huh?!). Anyway, I love being able to see your place bit by bit through your photos.

Don't worry about the frogs; just threaten to pee on them and see how fast they go running!

hulagirlatheart said...

LOL. At least that frog wasn't in your toilet.

The Boyds Family said...

That's an awful lot of cuteness going on....

And you trip me out with your little frog friends. HA!!