Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hospital Happenings And A Lizard

Yesterday, Shannon had to have a colonoscopy procedure done. And since I don't get out of the house ever very much, I found the hospital to be quite entertaining.

I think it is amusing how medical professionals have to talk to all adults as if they are six years old and it is their first day of "big school."

Don't get me wrong, Shannon's nurse was very nice, it's just that a few of the things that she said to him made me laugh out loud to myself.

To me the funniest things were what she said when she handed him his gown and this pair of slipper socks.

For the gown she said, "Now put this gown on OPEN IN THE BACK." (Do you think she thought Shannon would be confused which side of his body they would be doing the colonoscopy procedure on?)

After making sure he was completely clear on all of the gown instructions, she handed him the slipper socks and said, "Now put these socks on and make sure the rubber grips are ON THE BOTTOM." (I realize that someone, somewhere, sometime ago must have done this sock procedure the wrong way, but it is still funny to me. Shannon is forty-two, not four.)

Another "funny" thing to me that was in all the bathrooms and in Shannon's hospital room was this sign.

Every time I saw one of these signs, it made me feel like I was six years old again.....It is sad to think that we live in the greatest country in the world, yet most Americans apparently still don't know to wash their hands after using the bathroom without being reminded.

They did not ask my opinion, but I think it would be more effective if they used a sign that was a little more threatening.....This sign (in the above picture) looks like something that you would hang in a baby's room; it does not look like it would grab the attention of the thousands of non-hand washing Americans out there.

I think something like this sign would be more effective.

I'm just saying is all.

Once they took Shannon back to do the colonoscopy procedure, I decided to go get a Diet Coke out of the Coke machine down the hall.

I haven't bought a Diet Coke from a machine in a while. I was shocked when I realized that one dollar was not even enough money to purchase one Diet Coke any more. So, I had to search through my wallet to find a quarter. As I went to put my dollar and quarter into the machine, I saw something new (to me anyway)......

I could not believe that Coke machines now accept credit cards. As I was taking this picture a man walked up and looked at me and said, "Well, I've never seen a person take a picture of a Coke machine before.".......Like I said earlier, I don't get out much.

Shannon's results all came back great! No problems. Thank You, God!

I'm not positive, but I don't think he was in the mood for picture taking.

After leaving the hospital, we went straight to Chick-fil-a to get some lunch. He was starving! (He told me about fifteen times that he had not eaten anything for fifty-one case you were wondering.)

When we got home, Shannon stumbled upon a new little lizard friend.

Apparently this little lizard was camera shy, because he hid in this hole after Shannon took the first picture of him.

Hopefully, this new little lizard friend of Shannon's will not end up in my bathroom toilet (shudder).

Just another exciting day in Crazyville.


Sandra said...

That was HILARIOUS!!! I love the 'GERM' HAND WASHING SIGN! Amy, you just amazed me once again - finding the humor in any situation! Reading your post every morning first thing while I'm drinking my coffee just makes my day!! I love you baby girl!
Mom :)

My Goodness said...

You have such a fun spin on everything! Glad the procedure went well...I know that's a relief.

TRACEY said...

I love the germ farm picture. I am copying it and I'm going to give it to the nurse at my school. The kids will love it! And maybe get the point across! Thanks!

TRACEY said...

You must take your camera everywhere...even to your husband's "procedure" husband would kill me!!

Beandip71 said...

I have never heard of vending machines taking credit cards either. That is bizarre. I love the germ photo. I am a germ phobe so that is exactly how I think my kids hands are after we leave any public place. I'm glad the results of the procedure came back good. :)

Laura said...

You crack me up! I work in a hospital and I must take your version of the germ sign to my supervisors immediately! It is funny, now that you mention it, all of the silly signs we post.
I'm glad Shannon's test went well and everything is ok. Sending happy thoughts,

Wanda said...

you've got to admit, though, the little lizard was really cute, especially with his one little eye looking out of his "hole" home. Just don't pee on him, okay?

Yeah, I, too, was surprised when I went to NYC and saw that you could buy a coke with a card. At first it sounded ridiculous, but then it made sense when I was trying to find enough cash in my wallet to provide our family of 5 with refreshments. Debit is the way to go! The only thing: what if it overcharges you and does not dispense your drink; then who do you go to to complain? How do you get your money back? We might be seeing a lot more broken coke machines!

valerie said...

I carry my camera with me now all the time too. I never knew I was such a visual person until I started blogging. My favorite blogs have pictures.
That is too funny that you had it at the hospital, but I could totally see myself doing that.
One time my husband had sinus surgery and they taped his nose all up and it seriously looked like a pig's snout. This was way before I had a digital camera, but I SO would have taken a picture and put it on my blog. :)
I had a colonoscopy a few years ago and it was not pleasant. The procedure itself wasn't bad...I was asleep for that part, but drinking all that stuff before makes me have chills to this day even thinking about it. My dad had some cancer in his colon in 2003 (I think) and the dr. told all of his daughters who were over 40 we needed to have it done. My dr. wouldn't let me see her again until I had it done.
I'm a real weakling and since I couldn't eat for so many hours I had a bad headache and felt (got) sick at my stomach before I ever even got undressed. The usual procedure is for the patient to walk to the room where the colonoscopy is done....not me, they had to take me in a wheelchair because I had been throwing up. They went through all of the same orders with me though and after a little while my husband was going to take my clothes with him and I had forgotten to take off my panties. Hummm.... We got pretty tickled. It's because of people like me that the nurses have to give child-like instructions. :)
I'm glad all went well for your husband.

Kysha said...

Amy, you brighten my day with each visit to your bloggy. I was in tears with laughter! LOL! Well, believe it or not, as a nurse, I have never said those words but some have placed things on incorrectly. And there have been more illnesses caused by transmission of bacteria due to NURSES not washing their hands while going from patient to patient. So the sign wasn't for you but the nursing staff, unfortunately. I'm glad his test were ok. He looked so cheerful afterward. ;)

The Boyds Family said...

Glad the procedure went well. Yes, I believe the germ hand picture may be more effective...

Okay, and did you ask the man who commented on you taking a picture of the coke machine if he's ever seen a coke machine that takes charge cards?? I've never seen that either.....just sad when we have to charge a coke.

Next thing you know, gas stations will approve loans. HA!!

Dianne said...

Yes, I fully agree about the sign, in fact I'm off to wash my hands, RIGHT NOW!