Thursday, May 15, 2008

Happy Birthday, Pedro Daniel!

Since I will be gone on our son Daniel's thirteenth birthday, I wanted to take the opportunity today to tell him "Happy Birthday!"

This will be the first time in his life that I won't be with him on his birthday, so it has made us both a little sad; even though he is turning thirteen, he is still my baby.

Daniel looks just like Shannon. He has dark hair, dark eyes, and an olive complexion. And since the age of ten, he has also had a little bit of dark "facial" hair. After seeing Napoleon Dynamite for the first time(of many), we all got tickled thinking Daniel looked a little bit like Pedro. Daniel would joke that he was the only sixth grader starting to grow a mustache like Pedro.

So that being said, I will share with you a funny thing that happened last week concerning his birthday, and he has given me full permission to share it with you. (As long as he had final approval of the picture that I posted, of course.)

Anyway, we have been receiving a lot of free samples at our house for all types of products lately, thanks to information from Michele at My Blessings from Above. (Thanks, Michele!) We have received everything from garbage bags to shampoo and conditioner samples. So last week when Matthew brought the mail in, we saw that we had received another "sample." But this sample had Daniel's name on it, and it said, "For Your 18th Birthday!" on the box.........But like I told you, Daniel is turning 13.

Daniel got so tickled when he opened the box, because this is what he found inside.

It was a travel size shave gel and razor. Notice the shirt he had on as well.....That was not planned(he was wearing this shirt when the mail came), but it definitely made the razor and shave gel even funnier.

We don't know what or who caused the birthday mistake, but it made for a funny thirteenth birthday memory. I'm glad I was still home to share it with him.

Happy Birthday, Pedro Baby! I love you! :)


Sandra said...

That's so FUNNY!!! Cute picture too!! Happy Birthday to Daniel too (early) I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!:)
Sandra :)

SweetPea said...

That is so funny. I love the expression on Daniel's says "oh yeah, look". I'll have to check out Michele's sight to see what this is all about.

One more post from you and we'll all start our withdrawals!!!

Thanks for your beautiful and precious comments on my post. If only Chris could see my "beautiful heart". One day....


valerie said...

Please tell "Pedro" Happy Birthday from me.
That's too cute!
I'll have to check out Michelle's site too.
Have a blessed day,

Mama Mia said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!! I think I will "build you a cake... or something"
N.D. is our all time family fav around here!! After all I am "training to be a cage-fighter"
By the way run on over to my blog...

Beandip71 said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!! What a handsome "baby" boy you have there. :)

tiggerdaisy said...

Okay, now that was just way funny! 13 and a shaving kit! hehehehehe

Prayers and Blessings!

My Goodness said...

Let's do movie quotes!!

"You could build her a cake or something"

"Tina, you fat lard, come eat some dinner."

"But my lips hurt real bad."

"Who wants to eat chimi changas all year?"

Love that movie!! (hated it the first time I saw it)

Happy birthday to your teenager...I know you'll make it special for him even though you won't be here.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

It won't be long and he will be turning 18! Cherish the moments!

God Bless!

Kysha said...

Happy Birthday, "Pedro"!

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel! We were gone skiing once on my son's birthday (I think he was turning 9) and he has never let us forget it. He uses guilt like a dangerous weapon....

Michele said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel!
Wow Amy, I am glad those samples are coming! Wonder when Justin will get his first shaving kit! :)
We have never seen N.D. It is on my list of movies to watch!

Becoming Me said...

Thank you for your sweet comments Amy. Yes, you can add me to your roll, thank you. I will add you to mine when I do my next round of updates.

The Boyds Family said...

How funny! And where would they get his birthday from anyway??

Great Birthday memory. Happy birthday Daniel!!

Have a great trip, Amy. I'll 'stalk' to you when you get back ;)

kagharp said...

Amy, thanks to your mom I get to read your inspriational and witty comments ever so often. I am amazed at your humor and think you really have a gift. You should write a book! Keep on writing.....