Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"More Words Wednesday"

As you know, I always have something to say, so "Wordless Wednesday" just doesn't work here in my life. So, today I am trying a new kind of post called "More Words Wednesday."

Before I tell you all about my amazing "packing abilities," I want to share with you something that God revealed to me.
Yesterday, I showed you a picture of some pink roses that Shannon gave me. Sigh

What I didn't tell you yesterday(because my post was already so long) was where he got these roses. Shannon works in a building that is located beside a flower shop. A lady that he works with noticed that some people working at the flower shop were throwing away a lot of flowers. So, she went to the "flower dumpster" and got a bunch of them for herself, and she asked Shannon if he would like to get some to take home for me, and (of course) he said, "Yes!" Sigh

The people at the flower shop did not care how many flowers they took either, because they were just glad to be getting rid of them.

Anyway, when he brought them home, I was obviously surprised (and secretly thrilled) that he had so many. There were about two dozen to be exact. He proceeded to tell me the story of how he got them. I was so shocked that anyone would just throw these flowers away. I asked Shannon "what" was wrong with them, and he said the florist said that these roses (and the other flowers) simply had too many "flaws." They could not sell "imperfect" flowers, because no one would want them......

Shannon and I unwrapped them from the plastic they were in, cut the stems, and then placed them in a vase of water. We couldn't save all of them, but for the most part, as you can see.......

they are simply lovely. And they have the most beautiful fragrance too. As we were arranging them in the vase, the whole kitchen was filled with the aroma of roses. Sigh

So, Tuesday morning my boys and I were all admiring the roses. They had opened up quite a bit from the night before and looked even more beautiful than when Shannon first brought them home (to me). Sigh

Matthew looked at me and said, "I can't believe somebody would throw such beautiful flowers in the trash."

I, of course, agreed.

Then I thought about God.

And I thought about all of my flaws.

And I was immediately so thankful that God sees past my imperfections and flaws and loves me anyway.

When others look at me and see only the mistakes I have made, He sees growth, progress, and endless possibilities.

When others look at me and see me as unworthy of His blessings, He looks at me and sees His precious daughter.

When others look at me and see only imperfections and flaws, He sees beauty.

When others in the world see me and despise me, He sees someone that He loves.

As I was thinking about these flowers and the comparison to my own relationship with God, I was led to a verse found in the book of 1 Peter.

1 Peter 2:4
"As you come to him, the living Stone--rejected by men but chosen by God and precious to him--"

The Bible says we, as believers in Christ, are chosen by Him and precious to Him; He will never "get rid of" us because of our flaws and imperfections. To Him we are precious. Period.

So now, these roses that my sweet husband brought home to me, mean even more than if he had paid "full price" for them.

I love the ways that God reveals Himself to us in this life.....We just need to stop sometimes to listen to Him and to smell the roses........

2 Corinthians 2:15
"For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing."

Thank you for letting me share that with you today.

Now on to my packing nonsense.:)

As I told you Monday, I was wondering how I was going to get all of this junk these necessities to fit into my luggage.

Well, I would love to tell you that Mary Poppins dropped in to help......

But that would obviously not be true. But I did find something to help me cram fit all of my junk necessities into my luggage.

And that something is called "Space Bags."

They are awesome!

I love them.

Without the help of these "Space Bags," this would not have been possible.

Everything fit and I didn't even have to sit on the bags hardly any to get them to zip shut.

God is good to me indeed.:)

Now we all just need to pray about one more thing......

Even though everything fit inside my luggage, I still have an area of concern. The large bag that I am carrying definitely might weigh a lot a little more than the allowable fifty pound limit for "checked" luggage.

Necessities are a lot heavier than you would think.

I'm just saying is all.

P.S. Kenny, if you're reading this, do you notice something hanging on the wall in the picture with my luggage? ;)


Sandra said...

Baby girl, that was a beautiful insight in to the love that God has for us!!! The roses are just beautiful! I cannot imagine throwing them away! It's a good thing that God doesn't throw us away because we aren't beautiful or perfect!! Nobody would be left!
Mom :)

MrsJoeB said...

Amy-I love roses and I see only perfection in your pictures!! They are beautiful and what a wonderful way you brought the spiritual into this-God doesn't look for my flaws and he hasn't throw me away...that gives me joy.

Good luck with your packing!!!

In His Graces~Pamela

hulagirlatheart said...

I am impressed with your packing skills. Tip: Before we leave town, we weigh our suitcases at the vet's office while dropping off our dog to be boarded. Their big scales are perfect for that. If our bags are over the limit, we go back to the car and revamp.

And your post about the roses was wonderful. It was exactly what someone close to me needed to hear today. I'm sending them this way.

valerie said...

Those roses are just beautiful.
I couldn't see anything wrong with them. Isn't it great that someone was able to get them out of the trash and bless someone?!

You'll probably be surprised about your luggage and the weight. When we went to NYC recently I was sure mine (on the return trip) would exceed the 50 pound limit, but all was good. I had already decided I'd just have to pay the extra because I didn't know what else to do with it. :)

Thanks for sharing the beautiful story of the roses today.


SweetPea said...

I could've sworn when I saw the close-up of the rose that I could seriously smell it. I envisioned smelling it and feeling the delicate texture on my nose...aahhh..thank you.

Thanks for the reminder of how precious we are...I needed to hear that today because I'm feeling less than what my real value is in Christ.

I just KNEW what you were going to say about fitting everything into your luggage. I knew it! It seems those commercials are on all the time for them.

I don't want to be a downer, but will you have a vacuum cleaner to repack your space bags on your trip home?

valerie said...

Amy (everyone else can disregard this comment) :).... since you wrote me a comment about picking...
this is gross, but I have to share since you also are a picker. Recently my husband had this small raised bruise-like place on his upper back. I got my trusty tweezers...oh, they're the best...very pointy...and I poked a little bit and it was the coolest thing. It was an ingrown hair that was pretty long. I'm laughing outloud. Other people are probably reading this thinking "She's sick!" But, really it was good." Then I always have to show him what I got. :)
Just thought I'd share that.
Can you top it? :)
(I'm sure my husband would love to know I shared that with the world)

Beandip71 said...

I love your analogy about the roses. What a great reminder of the love of God. Good job with the packing. :)

Michele said...

Beautiful Amy! What a wonderful analogy that even when we do not feel worthy God does not throw us away!
Great job on the packing! I just KNEW you'd figure a way to get it all in those suitcases!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

It's the water that brings the bloom, girl. It's the water that opens us up from the inside out to reveal a beauty that was always meant to be be beheld. Without the water, a rose remains as it is. Closed. Less lovely. Less beheld.

So let us all, every last one of us...get to the Water this day and get to our blooming!

You are a beautiful rose, Amy, blossoming via this blog for all to world to see. And I, for one, am better for the beholding.


Mama Mia said...

WOW! I am going to have to get up really early in the morning to post first around here! But I know that spot is reserved for Sweet Mom! (waving at Sandra)I knew you could pack those bags BUT just wait until you pack to come home!! There's always more, it multiplies ya know!!
The roses are beautiful and so are you friend!!
I love how you "show Jesus" in your blog!!

Laura said...

beautiful, amy. the roses and the story they tell are lovely. aren't you so glad God doesn't throw us out into the dumpster?! It looks like you are really getting organized for this trip. I am going to miss your blogging so much!!!

Jamie said...

So thankful that He loves me despite all my flaws! Thanks for the reminder.

Becoming Me said...

What a beautiful analogy Amy. Those roses are lovely...and the thoughts about God desiring us even with our flaws is priceless

The Boyds Family said...

Beautiful post - as usual. You have the most positive outlook on life. It just uplifts me every time I read your posts....

Space bags....great idea! Question..where are you going to find a vacuum to suck the air out when it's time to come back home?? Just a crazy thought from your neighbor here in crazyville :)

Kelley said...

OK so here is how my mind works. My husband does a lovely thing by bringing me flowers and I immediately think, "Oh how much did these cost? They are just gonna die. What else could we have bought with that kind of money."

I don't actually say this but I am thinking it. So to know he got them for free is like THE BEST!

They do look beautiful and I LOVE the color. Your man did good....

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