Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tell Me Your Story Tag~ Part Two

(To read Part One, click here.)

Well, after our impromptu meeting in Crazyville, several months passed by.

I no longer had a boyfriend, and I was just certain that I was doomed to a life of spinsterhood.

I remember crying to my mom about my bleak looking future. I told her that I thought I was NEVER going to meet anybody. I would be tragically alone, and one day be pawned off to go live with family somewhere else, much like Aunt Bee.


Not long after my breakdown, following my startling realization that I was definitely going to be doomed to a life of spinsterhood, I ran into Shannon again.

My friend and Shannon's brother were preparing to get married, and I was helping her do some things to get ready for the wedding. You know important things like tanning, so we would both look beautifully sun baked in all of the wedding pictures. I was going to be her maid of honor, and Shannon was going to be the best man.


We both stopped by Shannon's brother's house on the way to the tanning bed, and lo' and behold Shannon was there too. This was very unusual for him at the time, considering that he was a hermit, who for the most part, never left Crazyville.

But this time, I did notice him, and he noticed me.


However, I did not want anyone to know that I noticed him, especially since I was still pretty well convinced that I was tragically doomed to a life of spinsterhood.

So, as we were leaving to go to the tanning bed, I very nosily asked my friend, if she thought Shannon would still be there when we returned from tanning. (See, my friend was making us all dinner that night, and I being the kind girl that I am, did not like the thought of Shannon going all the way back to Crazyville alone. Especially when I knew, what with him being a hermit and all, that he would probably really love a good home cooked meal.)

She quickly answered my question with these words, "No, he won't be there...He never hangs around for very long."


Like I said earlier, I just knew that I was doomed to a life of spinsterhood.

So, we went tanning, and we returned home to prepare dinner.

Only to my very joyous surprise, Shannon was still there.

Come to find out, he decided to hang around, once he asked his brother if I was returning, and his brother said, "Yes, she's coming back to eat dinner with us."


And the rest, my bloggy friends, is all romantic history.

We have been together pretty much like an old married couple ever since.

He has told me many times over the years (while being forced at gun point by me to repeat the story) that he thought about me all of the time after that first visit I made to Crazyville.


There is, of course, more to the story, but let's just end it here for today by saying, "And they lived mostly happily ever after!"


So, now it's your turn my bloggy buddies. I am tagging ten several of you to tell me your story of love.











Tag, you ladies are it! Let me know when your posts are up (if you decide to do this, no pressure, just fun), so I can stop by your blog to read all about some more real life romance.


Song of Solomon 6:3
"I am my beloved's, And my beloved is mine."


sa061545@bellsouth.net said...

You left out the part about me telling you that you WOULD find someone worth waiting for! :)
And you did!
I love ya'll !!
Mom :)

Dianne said...

Oh what fun, I'm starting a love sotry movement here, with all my tagees help of course.

Wow, what a gripping ending, I just never saw that coming. You are so full of surprises!

valerie said...

God's timing is amazing isn't it?

I loved the part about Aunt Bee. You're so funny.

I will be happy to tell my story.
It might be in the next couple of days though. I have something to post today if I get to it, but I'd love to tell my story.

Thanks Amy!

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, what a great love story. Thanks for sharing how you met Shannon! I know I have said this before but I love how we met type stories..


Tracey said...

I love hearing others stories of how they met and telling mine! I'm going to our second ultrasound today so I'll post hopefully after that! Thanks God Bless...thanks for the comments on my post (last night) this morning it's good knowing I'm not alone...even at 3:10 AM

Glamorous Life of a House Wife said...

How wonderful! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely post mine, but it will have to be in increments that will span out - oh for eternity...but I will def play along soon!

Beandip71 said...

What a romantic story!! I love how got brought you together in His perfect timing. :)

I will work on your tag and let you know when I have posted it:)

Have a wonderful day!!
God bless,

Mia said...

I AM IN!! I will let you know when I spill all my secrets!!!
Thanks for tagging me I was hoping you would! ; )

bestlifelessons said...

Hello,your blog is very beautiful.
This looks very interesting and do want to spend some time looking it over.

Chris and Wanda said...

I always love that picture! And I love the story, and remembering the story always reminds you of how God does His planning in your life.

Love you and miss you,

Nicole said...

Ahhhhh! What a romantic story! Sigh... Isn't it kind of interesting that when we "let go" "surrender" or whatever you want to say that's when God brings amazing things into our lives, in this case your wonderful hubby Shannon! Loved hearing your story!:)


My Goodness said...

Lovely story, Amy!! I love these stories also, so I hope to visit all the ones you have tagged. I'll let you know when mine is up!

hulagirlatheart said...

Oh how I love looking at old wedding pictures. They're so much fun. Love hearing how you guys met.

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Love the beautiful wedding photo....thanks for sharing your story...and not making us wait too long for part 2!!


Smiling Shelly said...

Awwww...how romantical!! You and Bo..er, I mean Shannon make such a terrific couple. *sigh*

I will tell my story too, but it's not near as romantical as yours...mine has a naughty twist to it ;) Stay tuned for more...

Smiling Shelly said...

Awwww...how romantical!! You and Bo..er, I mean Shannon make such a terrific couple. *sigh*

I will tell my story too, but it's not near as romantical as yours...mine has a naughty twist to it ;) Stay tuned for more...

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How scchhhweeeeet.

Nikowa said...

AWE thanks! I'll get to it... :)

Nikowa said...

Okalie dokalie...that was a hard post! Here's my story: